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AshleigheBRONZE Member
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Location: New Zealand

Hello all! I'm looking for recommendations on what fire poi set to buy:

I grew up doing fire poi nearly everyday, including travelling in the Gypsy Fair. As an adult, I'm keen to get back into it. I would say I'm a Beginner to Intermediate in that I'm comfortable with fire (I don't need to start with sock poi smile ) and know quite a few moves, but I'll probably be a bit rusty to start with.

Growing up I just used what everyone gave me, so I don't know the difference between the different types of wicks. Can anyone help with suggestions on what is best? I'm looking for a strong, bright flame, as opposed to long burning time.
I'm 5'2 also, so would love recommendations on what length to get - I remember reading a long time ago about measuring it compared to your arm span but I have no idea now!

These were the two I was looking at, but would love any suggestions out there! Thanks!

ABOB - Pois'n'us
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out of the 2 choices you have there id recommend the weka as my monkey fists have a burn time of around 8mins, thought id recommend having s look at cathedral heads as well (strong bright flame at roughly 5min burn time). length depends on how much you do buzzsaws (or anything towards you face/body) id usually aim for 3inches or so away from my face when doing buzzsaws as i like to firebreath off them but i have also got a set with a longer chain that i just wrap round my hands if im doing things towards face/body so it might not be a huge problem

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