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Posted:Hi there

Im looking for a professional performer ie experience (Insurance prefered but not sure 100%) to do a Stilt/Fire gig in Portmouth Sat 21st evening. Costumer provided. Stilts and fire kit required
If you can do please PM me ASAP or ring 07886611813 and say that Rob sent you!
Good luck

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Posted:I can ask for you dude, although I'm already working my colleague simon does stilts and fire and lives in pool, has £5m public liability, Ill text him for you now wink

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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Posted:Where are you performing? I don't have any stilts so can't help you out but living in Portsmouth I'd like to come along smile

You can spend hours playing with minutes!

I have seen the light! ........ It was purple <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Fast, late deliveries!


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