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Posted:Hello all you bouncy people biggrin

Anyone coming down for this:

bounce Twisted Magic II bounce

16th April, Black Swan, Bristol

More psy trance mayhem. 3 rigs . 13 djs .
full power psy trance, progressive and twisted grooves,

Toad (resident)
Dr PSY (resident)
Liquid Ross (Liquid Connective)
Psychosonic (Tribe of Frog)
Timmer (Tribe of Frog)
Morph (Planet Shroom)
Pod (Ripsnorter)
Sean Rudz (666)
Wikki (Phar-psyde/Organic records)
Cyclone (Tribe of Tadpole)
Dee lake (Chillout Culture)
Sea Goblin (Tribe of Frog)
Blissphil (Tribe of Tadpole)

Fire Juggling (us wink ), bonfire, Chai, Coffee, Cakes,
Shrooms, Laughing Gas, and much more ...

The last one was a stormer, so muchly looking forward to this biggrin

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fluffy napalm fairy

fluffy napalm fairy

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*sigh*.......... I'll be stuck in a caravan in Pembrokeshire, counting Trilobites and Neirities.......... fossily fun...........not........ *sigh*

Geologists do it in the dirt................ spank


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Posted:biggrin Of course! bounce

Althought it was a close one. They've extened my trip and I seem to be flying around the US at the moment!

Said I needed to be back for the 16th of march cause it was really important! ubblol

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"if poi was only for girls there wouldnt be many good poi spinners...." - Nx



Location: Body in Seattle - soul still i...

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Posted:Glad to see you have you priorities right ! wink biggrin Better hope your boss doesn't know this site ... rolleyes



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