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In Australia often we have total fire bans during the summer, there are big penalties for breaching them so where can you dance legally? I had this problem last Australia day on the river where I strapped 20 sparklers on each end of my fire staff and ended up getting chased by cops after my performance. The sparklers were awesome, they were like signal flares sending huge arcs of spark through the air but the authorities didn't seem to approve of my festivities.

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that is a bunch of crap...i think that if you are in a reasonable area you should be able to do it..not like in the middle of the woods or something!!!

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how about on a boat?

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i feel your pain! ARGGGHHH
i find that if youre in public, in a cemented area where theres no shrubbery to catch, its fine.. i dont know about your laws on firedancig in public....
Or even just do iti in your backyard or a mates backyard. not as fun as at an ausie day celebration, but it gets that burning desire out of you.. even purchase some commet poi for those horrible moments. they stll make sounds

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Ye' they had a fire band the first few days at the Wooford Folk Fest of last and it was increadabley silly! There were like a million trillion fire twirlers there (and only so many sucurity) and as soon as one twirler was told to stop another would light up not knowing about the band.... pretty funny

But that was REALLY DRY and the fest IS held in the bush... so prolly wasn't to good idea to twirl then.... But then the rain came and all was good! (exept with the rain... came mud! )

Originally posted by the mind gap: how about on a boat?
Well I know with fireworks You need to have water police pressent.... They tried to have fire works shooting off a jetty over water at this festival and 'cause they didn't organize it with the water police (didn't even know they existed??? Water police... sounds like they made it up to me ) They weren't able to go on with it.... Perhapd fire twirling would be different.

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