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Posted:has anyone got any qsuggestions on good practising moves for Contact Juggling as ive been doin for about a year now n ive got stuck

plzzz help!!!

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Posted:Good practising moves?

Ummm, when I was learning, I just walked around the house with a ball in the cradle for ages to really strengthen and stabilise that grip.

Ummm - other than that, I tend to practice with a ball, a mirror and sometimes a Drew or a Ryan smile

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Posted:Practice tossing the ball and catching it with just the back of your hand. Make sure you can do every move with your bad hand. Try rolling through all your fingers arround your thumb and pinky side. Isolate the ball and move your hand. Pretend it's a doorknob or frozen in space and your trying to break it free using your entire body.

Remember to lift the ball before you try to roll it, kind of a slow bouncing motion.

Don't go too fast. biggrin

Remember it never looks cool to the person doing it, show others and ask them what works. wink

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Posted:Whenever I walk anywhere I palm spin 3 or 4 ball. That keeps my hands supple for other things

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Posted:I've just started so I apreciate all the tips here aswell so tnx.

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