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Posted:Front rotor, throw the staff up to about eye level. As it comes down, you stick your hand into the space between the whirling staff, spinning your arm to syncrhronize with, then overtake the staff to catch.

Got one full rev, hoping for 1.5 or two.

Make sense? Anybody already doing this?


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Posted:Ummm - I think I know what you're talking about, it's a juggling move isn't it?
Basically you're moving your arm round with the staff, getting in lots of rotation and catching it as late as possible?

It feels nice, not sure how it looks though smile

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Posted:If you mean sorta catching the staff with your arm instead of your hand and then letting the staff revolve around your arms, then someone here in town is doing so. I've seen it on a vid maybe linked to HOP somewhere. It looks really, really cool. Maybe something I ought to start practicing these days.


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