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Greetings from singapore,

My girlfriend will be visiting london soon. She's agreed to get some kevlar for me as I can't get them anywhere in my country. I'll appreciate if anyone could tell me where to get them. I need to know the exact location of the shop and when it opens/close. It'd be easier for her if you guys could give me a couple of choice instead of just 1.

Many thanks to all.....

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Hey hey - I know Oddballs in Camden sell it - Not sure of directions though...

You can always just buy it over the internet though - Home of Poi sells it nice and cheaply, just click "Go Shopping" up the top of the page.

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Only Oddballs and the occasional Londoner who has a roll.

A better and cheaper option - is to buy from this web site. It'll only take a few days to arrive and will be cheaper than Oddballs, which is a shop in London. Shops in London tend to be the worst places to buy anything.

Happy shopping smile

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The thing is that I live in Singapore, ultra far from anywhere...the transport cost might not be worth it, will be the same or more.

Dom, do you have the exact location of Oddballs?

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Hi there
Im currently in India and have alot of Kevlar on me. The prices for sending are cheap here and although the post is not the most reliable - people dont really know what Kevlar is so should be quite safe. Please email me with what you require.
Alternatively, I shall be returning to the UK in a month or so and live very close to London - where I have even more Kevlar. All good quality and good and cheap.
So either way let me know

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i agree


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so do i. HoP is the cheapest i've found for kevlar that has reasonable shipping charges. The cost of shipping from nz is cheaper than a travelcard in london!

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