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Hey wutzup... RaVeR SurGe here and i got the 4 beat weave... cuz i do an extra twist with my right on the right side and an extra twist on the left on my left side.... now is that a 5 beat weave??? no its a 4 beat because each hand is only doing 2 beats on each side... now how do i add in an extra circle@!!??? my hands are double twisted already!!! someone please explain... by the way i can also do a quad. windmill.... whats the different between a 3 beat winmill and a 4 beat windmill?

-RaVeR SurGe

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your not counting right. if you do an extra rotation on both sides its 5. The regular weave is 3 beats.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====

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The number of beats is the number of circles you do on one side. Like I can do a 4 beat weave, and thats 2circle from each Poi on my left side, and then another 2cicles from each Poi on the right.

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Like phunky says, the regular weave is 3 beats on each side. If you do an extra twist on one side, that will actually add one beat on each side which makes 4 beats per side (counting beats from both hands). The side that you didn't twist on gets an extra beat because it takes an extra beat to untwist. So an extra twist on both sides adds 2 beats per side. So in general, symmetric weaves will always have an odd number of beats.The same thing happens with the windmill except that the regular windmill is a 2 beat pattern, so symmetrical windmills will always have an even number of beats.

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see counting the beats in swinging

May your balls always burn

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