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Posted: by MagpieThief
Last Reply: by jamesm.wpg
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"So I'm fairly new to the world circus skills and the like. The main issue is I am incredibly shy in public to the point I could not perform in front of anyone, but have been banned from..."
Posted: by Salem_Archfiend
Last Reply: by trailatlas17
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"A friend of mine was talking about different styles and he broke them all down into performance poi and battle poi. now i can tell the difference between the two, but Im curious as to w..."
Posted: by Aliosha
Last Reply: by GardyJo
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"I serached a bit in the forum, and I could not find anything about this.I began spinning (first poi, the staff and doubles) almost 4 years ago. I never danced before, I was the "I don't..."
Posted: by Panoptil
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"Hello, I am the manager of Swing Bar Samui in Thailand and we are having two big Fire show every week. Our Spinners are very good but cannot choreograph anything to a theatrical level.W..."
Posted: by ElectricBlue
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"This is a bit of a strange thing to be asking on a poi forum but hey you never know.I'm looking for a reputable web site where i can buy some coloured contact lenses for a character I a..."
Posted: by NarlaThotep
Last Reply: by Random
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"I'm in need of making/putting together some costumes for fire spinning. I've read all the posts about materials but none really go into much depth about cotton blends other than the bas..."
Posted: by NarlaThotep
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"I'm in need of making/putting together some costumes for fire spinning. I've read all the posts about materials but none really go into much depth about cotton blends other than the bas..."
Posted: by kevmaniac2000
Last Reply: by Debbie_Turner
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"Hello home of poi community!As you can see, I'm new to this site, but I was hoping that I could get some help/advice with putting a poi performance together.I've been spinning for a whi..."
Posted: by trimee30
Last Reply: by Debbie_Turner
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"Hey all I have a show coming up it is a pirate them just wondering if got any ways you like to make your show show stand out from the rest"
Posted: by Kodi R.
Last Reply: by Jamesguiver
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"If one day your goal was to join a circus group or be a professional performer in a group and stuff for stuff like fire dancing and contact staff/poi what type of school would you go to..."
Posted: by dnikyreverse
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"Hi. I'm preparing to teach a workshop on poi movement. I've taught many individuals moves over the years, but this will be my first formal workshop. I want to teach poi spinners how to ..."
Posted: by Modified
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"Hey everyone;This is my first post here.I'm currently working on a project that involves motion tracking with poi to control synthesis which I thought some may be interested in.This sys..."
Posted: by cloudlotus
Last Reply: by zailaiboke
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"So, I've decided to apply for a place at the degree course in circus arts at circus space, london, and there is an audition as an integral part of the process which is to take place in ..."
Posted: by Dark_Dancer
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Anyone know either where I can get good pre-made cyberlox with LED in them or how I could install LEDs in pre-made Cyberlox?I want some to enhance a dance costume I have, but so far I'v..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Hey guys, I only have a couple minutes, but I just had an interesting thought.What do you guys think of making poi with solid leashes. In other words the cords are actually a solid dowe..."
Posted: by Altamira
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
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"Have had a scan at all threads relating to first time performances all advice is good but need more lola friend of mine got asked to do a performance this year at a charity event and ha..."
Posted: by Kae
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"I know most people who make their own poi probably do either sock poi or fire poi...but I have been toying with some ideas of my own to go with various costumes (some of this may be due..."
Posted: by Paddington Bear
Last Reply: by seanjavu
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"okay so im looking at putting a routine together for my first public burn and had an interesting thought. when looking at choreographing do you personally find music and fit the poi to ..."
Posted: by SarahJSasha
Last Reply: by SarahJSasha
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"My friends are having an Avatar themed party in a few months, and I was looking for some ideas for choreography. I wanted to use some music for the show, or something fire-bender-y. **..."
Posted: by Voodoo_Tuesday
Last Reply: by yolanda8802
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"I've been doing amateur fire poi and fans for years and have my first professional gig on New Year's Eve and want to make a good impression. The theme is circus and I have no idea what ..."
Posted: by Amber
Last Reply: by Pyrometheus
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"Hi allAm trying to work out a way of playing my music to a crowd. I want it to be nice and loud to be heard over the fire. No access to a powerpoint so it will need to be battery powere..."
Posted: by Mucky
Last Reply: by OhioSean
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"So I'm getting to the point that I know enough solid moves, some variations, and enough transitions to move between most of them that stringing them together differently seem to feel li..."
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by EmmCeeeFF
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"I have a dream.I really cannot begin to express the magnitude at which teaching Movement and Contact juggling is enriching My life, and by doing so enriching further the lives of others..."
Posted: by warprince
Last Reply: by natasqi
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"anyone knows how to do body fire show? what to rub in our body so that looked like fire burning through our body? i saw some perfomence like that n i`m so excited but i got no trick,,pl..."
Posted: by brenonfire413
Last Reply: by kamo
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"So I have a show in a couple weeks, first pay performance! It is a Da de los Muertos celebration, I'll have two sets. I was wondering if anybody has suggestions for something electroni..."
Posted: by psy-cookie
Last Reply: by warprince
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"Hi guys, does anyone have any experience in this? I would like to be able to have parafin in my hand and then light it with one wick, pass the flame across in my hand and light the othe..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Since this is a kind of dance and this is an Expressive Movement section, I figured to put it in here.I'm trying to learn to Melbourne Shuffle, I'm brand new to it and if anyone has any..."
Posted: by Lelianna
Last Reply: by Lelianna
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" Ok heres the deal.I am performing at my working groups samhain party in 2 weeks. I have the routine locked down (I am using my new fans) bit have no idea what to do for a costume. Th..."
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by pinky_stone
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"I'm looking to move on to the next step in poi and staff, taking the things I know how to do (almost all beginner tricks and some intermediate) and putting them together seamlessly into..."
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"These are both organic fabrics and I was wondering if anyone had fire safety info on wearing clothing made from these materials for spinning. Anyone used these or knows anything about p..."
Posted: by Meenik
Last Reply: by Althea the Newb
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"Hi everybody. Below is an article I wrote for Momentum Magazine, published here in Canada. It's about my personal experience with applying traditional tai-chi movement theory to spinnin..."
Posted: by poismylove
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"I was wondering if there is a good way to write down choreography for a poi performance? I have trouble remembering such stuff in my head, so if i could write it down and look back to i..."
Posted: by EmmCeeeFF
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"I and a few others have recently formed a fire troupe, we are currently doing a few random off the cuff improv type shows but realise that everything can look alot better when in time a..."
Posted: by Ringshadow
Last Reply: by parialu
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"I doodled this and decided to share. I'm going to paint it onto the front of a shirt I think, sometime this week. When it's done I'll post a picture of that too, if you guys want. Ye..."
Posted: by FireTom
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"certainly not suitable entirely but quite interesting "
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by G4dget
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"MCP's Academy of how to make a routine to music good and do other things to music good too. First of all, of course, you have to find a good piece of music. Now what this entails is alm..."
Posted: by greenfyregirl
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Hello!I have checked all the past threads that I could find, under this title and have rung the numbers etc, but to no avail! (torribles/ writesure/ Dixon Chambers)Has anyone recently g..."
Posted: by Flint_413
Last Reply: by natasqi
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"Okay Hoopers here is whats going down. My first Hoop I bought was plain black, I have since gotten another one which was taped by the company but its subtle (dark blue on black) and not..."
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Ok, here it is, the long awaited "dancing thread". This is an open forum for the discution of dancing with your poi. This includes all forms of bodily movement, feet, hips, head, whatev..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"First off, I don't mean this to be a popularity contest, more of an analysis of people others find inspiring, and what makes them stand out for you.I blame Meg for giving me the idea fo..."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by aston
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"So this is a brief musing on an aspect of performance I've been thinking about lately. There's not really much of a thesis, more just a bunch of Stuff that's bubbling up before I fall a..."
Posted: by Ross Face
Last Reply: by Seraphia
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"I'll be there maybe doing something to help or performing, then watching shows, drinking, juggling and spinning.Anyone else going to be there ?"
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
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"I want to learn to throw myself around. I want to learn handstands, and flips, Power moves and all sorts of other tumbly/jumpy/flippy type things.As well as learning all the technique, ..."
Posted: by pepitaonfire
Last Reply: by pepitaonfire
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"At the moment, I'm working on a choreographed piece which involves lots of specific footwork. I have been doing some cross-discipline recon over the past few days, looking into differen..."
Posted: by Morgane
Last Reply: by Nonsense
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"well peeps i need music to practise with and would like some specific!!! tracks u guys and galls like to twirl with (note title+band!!! i never remember these things)right now i use an ..."
Posted: by RainbowPeacock
Last Reply: by poifull_spirit
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"Hi, my name is Irina aka Rainbow Peacock, I am a face and body painter, living in New Orleans Nov-May and in Portland,OR mid May-mid July, I also do Oregon Country Fair. I am looking fo..."
Posted: by eca
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"First off, I wasn't sure if this was the right place for this thread or not, so feel free to move it if I'm wrong.With that said, has anyone teamed of with a musician(s) for performance..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by VillageIdiot
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" Contact improvisation (dance) anyone heard of it? "
Posted: by EmmCeeeFF
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Over the past nine months or so I have been travelling. With me I have been carrying a blazelink break down glow staff. It has served me well and been ideal for doing what it says on th..."
Posted: by Dusty Bacon
Last Reply: by Dusty Bacon
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"Hello fellow fire performers! My name is Dusty Bacon, I have been fire performing with Controlled Burn/ Shiva Vista and other Reno/Tahoe groups for several burns now and recently start..."
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