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Posted: by Dom
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"Welcome to the new Meet Others forum.The forum is aimed at helping you find fellow spinners all over the globe, local to where you live and where you're travelling. This is in addition ..."
Posted: by tprinehart275
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"Looking for someone who shares the fun of poi/fire spinning in or around the Charlotte area."
Posted: by FirePixie13
Last Reply: by karen.simmering
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"Anyone from South Louisiana? We are a small fire troupe in St. Mary Parish. We are just coming together as a troupe and are looking for potential members or people just to spin with."
Posted: by EddieGoJam
Last Reply: by Edwin_Angsuco
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"HELLO! Calling all Central Jersey Spinners! My name is Eddie G and I live near East Brunswick. I need some people to show the fire spinning love because I pretty much just go out and pr..."
Posted: by Nick Sebastian
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"Hey everyone! I'm looking for poi spinners and shops that sell poi in Venice Italy! I'll be here for 2 weeks so let me know!"
Posted: by xXBassAckwrdsXx
Last Reply: by chriskent3
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"Hey, guys! I've seen a few Louisville, Kentucky spinners on here and one from Clarksville, Indiana. I'm here if you wanna meet up! I'd love to spin in person with somebody!"
Posted: by Yawer
Last Reply: by jhisole14
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"Hi to everything) I'm been spinning with fire poi for about six months in my country, but in next month I will come to Dubai. I'm haven't any friends, who spinning in UAE, and want to f..."
Posted: by AlliCat Poi-Toi
Last Reply: by freerootscreations
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"Is anyone out there a spinner from my area? "
Posted: by ahdem_bomb
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"I recently came back to Oahu from Maui where the fire tribe is everywhere. I am interested in setting up flow jams and starting a tribe. If you are interested hit me up at 808-206-315..."
Posted: by purplegremlin
Last Reply: by lukekilminster
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"Heya im jessie just moved to hereford and looking for a group or even to start a group, ive been doing poi for a little while and want to learn new moves and teach what i know , if any ..."
Posted: by 609Shadow
Last Reply: by 609Shadow
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"Starting a post to find spinners in the Tahoe area. If you want to come out and spin / learn, Or just come to take photos. All are welcome. Let's make this the place to come for local ..."
Posted: by pegisusskis
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Does anyone know of any poi classes in Christchurch, or give lessons themselves? I'm quite keen to advance my skills but video tutorials aren't my cup of tea, especially seeing as I lik..."
Posted: by Regine Ko
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"To anyone on The Big Island, on my world trip I'd like to stay two month in Hawaii. Beneath exploring the islands i'd love to get together with some people to practice poi!Are there any..."
Posted: by Regine Ko
Last Reply: by Regine Ko
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"Hi there,Is there anybody out there who's seeking random Poi Spinning Sessions in Bavaria? I'm looking forward meeting other part-time Poi players for training, exchanging tricks and mu..."
Posted: by HotchPotch
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"Hi folks... so I'm based in Cornwall, South West England and soon to be moving near Belfast in the Autumn.I know there's a big circus scene around the community circus / school there an..."
Posted: by HotchPotch
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"Hey all, keen to meet any Cornish or Cornish way bound spinners!?I run a circus club in Camborne and will be arranging and having various other summer ..."
Posted: by Natty Fire Poi
Last Reply: by carterwilson.liam
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"Hi Everyone,I am looking for new people to spin with.-pretentious jerks need not apply-I have been spinning for 4 years now and I fear I am losing my passion and flair for the beautiful..."
Posted: by EricScirE
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"Hit me up, will chip in rs , be chill, and bring the flow to share.. +91 8551061386.. hit me up if you out there"
Posted: by crimhead
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"Any other fire performers (or hobbyists) in my little neck of the woods? It would be pleasant and inspiring to have more people to practice with. :DCheers."
Posted: by lucidenergy
Last Reply: by Entrtainment Ignited
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"I'm just curious if there are any poi spinners in Pensacola Fl? Drop me a line if you're around my area!~ Travis "
Posted: by almundis
Last Reply: by Ian
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"hello all! I'm new to the forum but have been spi9nning for years. I'm going to be moving from england to utrecht in holland and am looking for a new group of fire spinners to meet up w..."
Posted: by john_lawson87
Last Reply: by james.charlse
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"Looking to meet people that do poi or other like minded people to practice with and just have a bit of fun. I live in whalley. So anywhere nearby lick Blackburn or Clitheroe would be gr..."
Posted: by Chey420
Last Reply: by james.charlse
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"hey what's up, I just moved here from Dallas. Looking for a spinning scene around here. PM me or reply here please."
Posted: by Totten
Last Reply: by kamile.rastene
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"Good Evening all you exciting people out there!I have been trying to google and search on this site aftera poi/fire community in Oslo, Norway - but to no success so far, unfortunately. ..."
Posted: by Dream_Catcher
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"Well, I'm a old member of this forum but never had a chance to ask anything anywhere till yet. Just wondering if anyone else around Turkey/İstanbul is here?"
Posted: by xchristinewyrd
Last Reply: by Jesse James Bradford
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"Shout out, in search of a group, or meet up, or teacher, or anyone willing to hang out and practice. Google searching is bringing up nothing in my town. :/"
Posted: by grey_pilgirm25
Last Reply: by VanessaT
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"Hi,Is there anyone out there from West Yorkshire who plays with fire staff, contact staff, fire fans, poi or similar? I'm looking for people to practice with and/or workshops. Happy to ..."
Posted: by Zephyilei
Last Reply: by Fiona Jane Rose
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"Hi! I've been spinning poi off and on for about 10 years now, and consequently I have picked up a number of pairs along the way.I've also moved to many continents in that time, and I'm ..."
Posted: by Yerren Van Sint Annaland
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"Hey all,I am just about to move down to Dunedin, and am hoping to find a group of spinners down there!I find that without others interested in it around me, I lose inspiration, and so w..."
Posted: by feigner
Last Reply: by fireflow365
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"I live in West Asheville and don't have anybody to spin with.Anybody want to get together and light some poi on fire or just goof around with some moves, hit me up!- Bert"
Posted: by AlienJon
Last Reply: by Jesse James Bradford
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"Any Poi peeps in Shanghai or Hong Kong? Inquisitive Alien's want to know! Reply to this thread and/or PM me if you live in or frequent the areas of hanghai or Hong Kong!"
Posted: by EricScirE
Last Reply: by EricScirE
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"There's 4 of us flying out.. We land in Dehli and then headed to Goa.. depending on how it goes, I'm likely break off for a Bollywood visit in the rough 3 month trip this'll turn into...."
Posted: by glisglis
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"Hi there! I am very into Poi for a while and keep practicing it for 2 years now. I moved over to the States (Richmond, VA) for one year since November 2016 and am looking for some group..."
Posted: by KingBranno
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"What's up guys, just moved to Amsterdam and I'm looking for people to spin and learn with so hit me up and we'll get spinning, peace."
Posted: by jake_schultz
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"Hit me up"
Posted: by koopen
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"Looking for any individuals to meet up in High desert area. (Victorville Hesperia, apple Valley) Message me or comment, lets set something up!"
Posted: by Epi
Last Reply: by Geecore
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"Hey, I dont have any spinning mate and i'd really like someone experienced with fire poi that can give me tip with spinning and safety etc. I have never spun with fire before and I dont..."
Posted: by lachica
Last Reply: by Genevieve Aurelie
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"I've moved to Queenstown, New Zealand, and wanting to find out if there are any poi spinners in my area?"
Posted: by Kero
Last Reply: by SurgingSD
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"Need to meet some more poi spinners in SD.My friends and I are starting up a fire troupe and Teaching the circus in a few weeks and we need more people.I'll try and remember to check he..."
Posted: by dooomye
Last Reply: by filz
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"Hey guys, A friend from san francisco introduced me to the amazing world of pois and now that it became my favourite hobby, I'd love to meet some other people to poi with and learn from..."
Posted: by Lukas_Bliss
Last Reply: by Kutulu
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"Hey Guys,Just wanted to know if any Prague Spinners (apart from Brighter than a Thousand Suns) are out there???CheersPS: I'm ready anytime for a nice contact juggling+spinning+anything ..."
Posted: by vmercado
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"Hello everyone. My Partner and I will be traveling to Sydney. As of yet we have no plans and we are looking to meet new people and have fun experiences. My Partner is my safety, and ..."
Posted: by JimmyBee
Last Reply: by John-o Collier
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"Hey,Anyone in Chiang Mai now or in the next couple of months want to hang out and spin some poi together?Jimmy"
Posted: by zartnew
Last Reply: by lunakitty90
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"anyone in the cincinnati, Ohio area? I'd love to get together with some people to practice!"
Posted: by annacustard
Last Reply: by Fraser Stockwell
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"Are there any spinners out there in Hertfordshire? I do poi and would love to meet up with anyone who is in to spinning things. Lets find each other! x"
Posted: by firedreamer
Last Reply: by mai.leoncito
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"I'm wanting to take some poi lessons...I am very green! the mount royal classes conflict with my schedule. Does any one else teach or know of someone who does?Thanks for your help!!"
Posted: by Zunei
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"Hee hoo fire lovers! Any fire spinners in the netherlands? I do fire whip and im looking for some spinners to jam with when i come back from travelling. Contact me if your interested!"
Posted: by P34NU75
Last Reply: by Terry Brand
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"is there any spinners in the UK around the midlands area???"
Posted: by skylar
Last Reply: by Terry Brand
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"Hi all recently moved back to the west midlands and wonderd if any body fancied meeting up i do poi by the way sky"
Posted: by HummingBee
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"Hey, I am moving to Edinburgh in September. Anyone interested in getting together and learning poi spinning? I am not very good at it (yet) so if someone wants to tutor me in exchange t..."
Posted: by Ryan Brooking1
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"Hey guys, my name is Ryan and am 23.I have been Fire Spinning on and off since I was 15, learnt enough to impress my friends but unfortunately I stopped learning there. I still get out ..."
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