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Aaron Howorth
BRONZE Member since Oct 2018
Registered on: 8th Oct 2018


United Kingdom




A Faded Glow
Defying Gravity
Hello darkness my old friend.
Dancing In The Stars
Shrouded in Moonlight

Follow your Friends

Flowers on the beach
The Shadow Flower
Ninja Flower
Smart Hoop Continuum
Closer to Flames
The Dragon
Fire fan on a hot indian summer
Juste Debout
Double Bed of Nails Act
Fire Sprite
Lights of Love
Covered in Sklitter
fire sunset
sunburn off
who is smiling now?
A shoulder to burn on.
Its about the heart!
Jack Sparrow with Poi
Floating torch
HoT Pink Performance
The Art of Firefighting
sweet heart
4 ball blues
Dont mess with mother nature
Mini hooping
Seated Three Ball
Maddest Hatter
Happy hoops
around the body keltic knot

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