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Samantha Dawyn
Registered on: 11th Mar 2014


*Fire Hooping pirate *
playing with fire

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Paper Poi : Multi-modular origami 'cuboctahedron star'
Up in the air
Foliage and Fire
Human SpiroGraph
self made Fire Chakar
Laying with fire
Underneath the bridge
Color of Alab Poi
Stalling for Joy
Entering the Portal
how to vanish into thin air
new years whips
Ozora performance
3-beat Weave
Devils Atom
Still Fire Eating
Rhythm & Flow
Flying fans
Stump Hooping ;-
Black Magic
Bow to the fire
Close to the flame
Love in a Vortex
Snow much fun.
Live Long and Meteor
Mad Max Twirlsquad

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