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Welcome Home

Burning man 2014, my Astral Hoop was the best gift I could have taken to the playa!
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Welcome Home

As picked by HoP
1. Luminous Forest Fairy entered by Indigo Harman
2. Sheer happiness entered by trippenrainbowz
3. Beach Disco entered by Deanne

No. 1
Butt Hooping
No. 2
Purple Rain
No. 3
First hoop Love
No. 4
Fire the Lazers
No. 5
No. 6
Luminous Forest Fairy
No. 7
Ever Changing
No. 8
Nebula Aura
No. 9
Reverse Escalator
No. 10
Hoop Wedgies Onstage
No. 11
Happy Hooper
No. 12
hooping in Paris
No. 13
No. 14
Phoenix dreams
No. 15
The Ring Of Fire
No. 16
fire and ice battle
No. 17
For The Love Of Flow
No. 18
Hoops her heart out!
No. 19
Space Flow
No. 20
Its all about that Bass
No. 21
Rainbow Kitty
No. 22
Hyper Clovers
No. 23
Singapore Spins!
No. 24
Gazing At The Glare
No. 25
Welcome Home
No. 26
No. 27
hazie in wonderland
No. 28
Hippie hype
No. 29
Puzzle Trails!
No. 30
Hooping in downtown Tampa
No. 31
Hooping at Garden of the Gods
No. 32
No. 33
Phoenix Hoop Bliss
No. 34
Vortex of Love
No. 35
Hyperion Love
No. 36
Hoop love
No. 37
Light sphere
No. 38
lost within the hoop trail
No. 39
Tiny Tigger spinning minis
No. 40
Rainbow Lotus Trail
No. 41
Beach Disco
No. 42
Tosses into Outer Space
No. 43
Hoop de Mars
No. 44
Da Warehouse Lights
No. 45
Rainbow Cove
No. 46
Cat Walk =^:^=
No. 47
Electric tornado
No. 48
The Fusion
No. 49
Silhouette Hooper
No. 50
Gotta Love Rainbows
No. 51
What made me myself
No. 52
No. 53
Stepping Into The Portal
No. 54
No. 55
No. 56
Emazing Flow
No. 57
Led warrior
No. 58
Happy Orb
No. 59
No. 60
No. 61
Hoopers in the Night
No. 62
No. 63
Swirly Twirly Vortex Blues
No. 64
circus hoops
No. 65
LIB and LEDs
No. 66
All the Colors on a Summer Evening
No. 67
Sheer happiness
No. 68
The tale of the white women ghost
No. 69
Light Trail shoot
No. 70
Smart Hoop Continuum
No. 71
Feelin the love at Friendsgiving 2015
No. 72
Luna Warrior
No. 73
Death drop till you die
No. 74
Hyperion Twins
No. 75
Jessie rose led
No. 76
Through the looking hoop
No. 77
Beam me up!
No. 78
Enchanted Forest
No. 79
Double white light flow
No. 80
Hoop Fairy
No. 81
A girl lost in a hoop world
No. 82
No. 83
No. 84
Light trails for daze
No. 85
Triple trails
No. 86
Peace tornado
No. 87
No. 88
Tunnel Of Light
No. 89
No. 90
Rainbow vortex <3
No. 91
Pretty Lights
No. 92
light storm
No. 93
Luna Love
No. 94
Portal of Imagination
No. 95
Sheer Serenity
No. 96
Natural Glow
No. 97
Super Moon
No. 98
Blue Dream
No. 99
Black as Night
No. 100
Flower of Light
No. 101
No. 102
No. 103
Starlight Dancer
No. 104
Slow shutter hoop
No. 105
Love and light

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