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Behind the Back Wrap Attack!

I spent an afternoon learning. Behind-the-back weaves, but they kept tangling! A few slight adjustments and More than a few choice words later I had mastered the B-T-B W-A!
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Behind the Back Wrap Attack!

As picked by HoP
1. Buugeng Beginnings entered by CurranJohn Smith
2. Burst entered by lanamaemodel
3. staring at you entered by eko.antispin

No. 1
Slavic girl
No. 2
Nat Spinz 4th of July
No. 3
Albino dragon
No. 4
No. 5
My Sacred Circle
No. 6
Vintage Circus
No. 7
Hypno Spiral Play
No. 8
Gracefulness of greatness
No. 9
Body Manipulation
No. 10
Lyra Lovin’
No. 11
Fan the Flames
No. 12
A Light in the Dark
No. 13
Elevated Composition
No. 14
In the Moment
No. 15
Never look back
No. 16
On top of the world
No. 17
staring at you
No. 18
No. 19
Nature Tree Hooping
No. 20
The suns not out, but you can have a light
No. 21
Under the Bridge
No. 22
Boy with balloon
No. 23
Fire power
No. 24
Feel The Fire
No. 25
No. 26
Buugeng Beginnings
No. 27
Poi by the beach
No. 28
Behind the Back Wrap Attack!
No. 29
No. 30
Hot Flower
No. 31
No. 32
West of river
No. 33
Almost a shave...
No. 34
Worshipping the fire