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Posted:Yes, as you might have heard Oklahoma is very boring. Well not all the time but when I have no on to spin with it gets boring. Yes, I know all about the meet others thing but I just want to know how many of you okies are still active in here. I've talked to a few of you in Stillwater but I have yet to find anyone in the OKC area. It may be that some of you are really new, I was there once and I will be more than happy to teach for free, I just want someone to spin with. It helps me push myself to learn and get better. What I'm thinking it is, is that most of the spinners I know are druged out ravers that spin glowsticks and have fried themselfs so bad they can't use their comp anymore. J/K! I have a lot of raver friends that are really good spinners. Well if any of you are in the OKC area and aren't on the meet others list...shame on you! I'm just looking for some others to start spinning with.

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Posted:I dont know if you still spin Poi or even still in oklahoma but i live in moore Oklahoma and would like to spin Poi if your down



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