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Posted:So, just got back from Harvestfest in MN at Harmony Park (Wookiefoot event) and saw some great new toy...

small metal looking staff about two feet long on a string, that you attach to your finger. the people dancing with it were very smooth... the "stick" would stay vertical and seemed very light...

anyone have a clue on this?? and where i might find one???

also saw it on stage, on fire.... just one end was lit, and looked like a small torch till the spinning started... great effect...

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Posted:Its called a Levistick

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Posted:Willworkforfoodjnr just overwrote me. Its a Levistick, and they got tuts of how t ous it on HoP Library, so just look.

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Posted:Other than a levistick, it can be called a wand. Glow wand, Fire wand.


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Posted:Friendly Fire has Fire Flow Wands. (levitation Sticks)
Made from a tapered, hollow steel tube. Since the weight distribution changes with the addition of fuel, the wand is equipped with adjustable fasteners that allows you to modify your preferred balance. The flow wand comes with a comfortable single loop leather handle and a swivel that gives you the freedom to spin and avoid any tangles.

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Posted:That looks like a terrible flow wand. The original magicians trick, the Dancing Wand is supposed to be as light weight as possible with a thin nearly invisible thread that loops through the hole in the wand, allowing it to move along the thread, there shouldn't be a handle.

This looks terribly heavy, unbalanced, and the chain removes all the mystery from the wand.

I've yet to see a fire flow wand that is in any comparable to a non-fire wand. Even the nicer non-fire ones aren't nearly as versatile as the ones the magicians use. I think it would be in the best interest in the fire community to do some deeper research into this century old prop. What we are using are low-quality children's toys.


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