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Gandhi Ganjamaster


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Posted:Hellow Hackomaniac(s)

- NOT amused at all!!

Have NO time for silly games

Find it rather #+*~!!!^ ((insert)

If you are so interested in my little life have the f%$'*+# GUts
If your ego is too fragile to get in touch with me to ask me personal questons then I'm sorry I've been wasting my time

M really really mad right now (will blow over like a nice summerstorm btw)

I have no time for this.

Off to eat the season 's last rhubarb/berry pie, then off to find a job.

(You know who u r)


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Posted:Um, how do i get that?

.:Pink Exocutioner:.

I am Jack's Raging Bile Duct...

Loving you from the deepest part of my loins.


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Posted:magic people! voodoo people!


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Posted:If they've used your account to send messages then there should be a log somewhere that contains the IP address of every person who's logged in to use the account.

You may have to contact MSN to get that information though (I don't use web mail, so I wouldn't know where to look on the MSN website). I don't see why they should withold the IPs of people who've logged into your account but they might, and you'd have to get them to forward the complaint. Just make sure they email you a copy of the reply from the crackers ISP, as a lot of times no action is taken otherwise.

If you've got times that emails were sent, and a list of IPs and log in times you can tie them together and pass them on.

I've got a program called Sam Spade that can look up an IP address to find out the ISP that owns it, and it also gives you the email address where you should send complaints to, usually


Kudos to UCoF for pointing out the hacker / cracker difference.

Hacker just means someone who is good at solving complex problems, of any nature, while cracker is specific to breaking security.

You also get black hat or white hat crackers, depending on if they do it maliciously or to legitimately test security for companies.

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