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Posted:who remember ice magic?? that chocolate sauce you put on ice cream that 'magically' hardens after liek 10 seconds, ho the joy i have some now, haven't seen it for ages!! oh and just for us brits cos you ameircans are so lucky, i have found lucky charms again!! hooray for the little leprechaun and hsi marshmallow goodness

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Give a man a fish and he'll eat 4 a day hit a man with a brick and you can have all his fish and his wife

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Posted:cats urine glows in UV light

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Posted:Written by: Skulduggery

Back to the title of this link........Did you know blue eyed people in general have a higher pain threshold than brown eyed people?

how good is that! i knew i could take more pain than some of my brown eyed friends!! good to know it all comes down to eye colour! biggrin

i can take a lot of pain but this dark eyed victim of mine *i mean friend* seems to flinch a lot more at the slightest hint of sharp nails or other pain! or maybe he's just a wuss!! ubblol

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Posted:hehe everyone is mental on this board (my kinda folk hehe bounce) nice to hear a random convo tho! havent heard one scince the lads back home...ah well hope veryone is going good an dont forget the mayo yea.

To each der own as with all in life.


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Mags The Jedi

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Posted:Ice cream...cereal...winding up people...legless dogs...rhinoceri...cats piss...

yep, this thread does exactly what it says on the title.

Blue Whales have blood vessels you could feasibly swim down. If you could get in without killing it.

Imagine that. You could BE a pulmonary embolism.

What fun!

"I believe the cost of life is Death and we will all pay that in full. Everything else should be a gift. We paid the cover charge of life, we were born."

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Posted:wow...or am i a pulmonary embolism?

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Posted:i am adam prince of eternia keeper of thesecrets of castle grey skull

the end is nigh and now comence the time of the retarded badger


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