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I would just like to point out a few things to anyone who spins fireworks or is thinking of doing so.

It is DANGEROUS! I know that sounds obvious but many people underestimate exactly how dangerous it can be! I have seen and heard of people spinning fireworks without any safety gear on and with blatant disregard for the safety of the audience, notably not setting sufficient safety distances.

I would never, EVER do this kind of stunt without full body and head protection, eg full face crash helmet, nomex suit, welding gloves and steel cap boots. During one show a perfomer i was working with had one of the fireworks EXPLODE unexpectedly, if he hadn't been wearing safety gear he could have lost his hand.

Fireworks are not 100% reliable and unexpected things can happen, how do you know that they have been made and packed correctly (particlarly when they are made in the far east).

On the matter of safety distances, i have seen people at Glastonbury (in the green fields) and at the Gathering in NZ, spinning pyros so close to the audience that the sparks have landed among the crowd. Do you know how hot titanium and magnesium burn? I have heard from friends who witnessed an accident where someone was watching the stunt open mouthed and some of the burning pyro flew directly into their mouth, the victim nearly died from asphyxiation due to their throat swelling up with the chemical burns.

You need a totally clear area of at least 25 metres in all directions.

Those who do not adhere to safety measures such as these not only threaten the safey of themselves and the audience but the future of all kinds of pyro perfomance.

Please, please for your own sakes, for those that love you, for the people and children in the audience and for the future of poi and pyros. Treat firework spinning with EXTREME caution.

Nobody wants to go leave in an ambulance.

Unless you have these measures in place, DON'T DO IT! and DON'T LET YOUR MATE DO IT if she or he doesn't either.


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Bumping this up.

I think it is something everyone should think about.

I have never seen, and don't want to try playing with fireworks. personally it seems mad making poi from explosives. Anyway, thatz my thoughts!

If youre not sure about doing it, then DON'T bother!

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Very good points. One quick question though, what about small sparklers? What measures would need to be taken to make this safe or should it be done at all? Part of me says, no, not safe enough, but another part says, hey, they're small and harmless, we give them to kids, what harm could they do?

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I don't have any experience with sparklers, i would recommend gloves, goggles or shades and a hat. Stick to easy moves you know (you can do them your eyes shut). Practice unlit first too!

Play safe!


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Whats the last thing a red neck says before he dies........."HEY EVERYONE! WATCH THIS!"

IMHO, This idea is a bad one. During a stunt show an actor missed his safe zone, and the pyro blow up into his helmet. The titanium stars had nowhere to go. They bounced from the face mask onto his face multiple times, resulting in his not having a face anymore. Spinning pyro is a horrable idea even with safety gear. Here in the states we have alot of laws for this sort of thing. Yes, the actor is allowed to perform the stunt (no matter how stupid). But there are distance requirements to the audiance that must be met. The A.H.J. must also approve the show, and from what I've seen you can forget about the veriance for this stunt.

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I think what everyone here needs ot remember is the chemical difference between the fire mediums we tend to use and those inside pyrotechnics.

Pryotechnics are much more likely to explode, with superhot explosions and no time to react.

The ingredients come out burning at such temperatures that ANY contact could create fatal burns, even if only for a split second.

I don't care how macho or cool you think this sort of thing is, if you do it for any reason other than being a trained professional stuntperson, with a huge safety crew and getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it, then you deserve whatever happens to you.

If you injure other people, then you deserve a lot worse.

Sorry about the rant, but, I equate this concept with spinning magma or molten steel in little containers around you. Just plain stupid!

Feel free to flame me, who-ever wants to.

I'd rather receive a million flames in my email than allow anyone to ever think that spinning pyrotechnics is ever safe, no matter what precautions are taken.

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Spinning burning magnizium and titaium a bad idea?

Well no shit............

Jesus helps me trick people.

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These people speak the truth, you would be wise to listen to them.

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