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spritieSILVER Member
2,014 posts
Location: Galveston, TX, USA

I am having problems getting a correct entry in the new meet others database. Sometime last week, I re-added myself to the new one. The entry popped up quickly, but it also said I was willing to teach and had each thing I was interested in listed twice. I tried to change this in edit mode, but indeed I hadn't checked the teach box. Is there any way to get teaching off of my info? I really am horrible at it, so would prefer it gone. I tried removing my entry completely and then re-adding it, but I had the same problem. I can deal with poi, flags, and staff being repeated twice; it just makes it look like I'm silly and couldn't make up my mind.

vanizeSILVER Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Location: Austin, Texas, USA


but you are silly!


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DentrassiGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

ive realised that part of my entry has been cut off in my meet others entry and was going to change it

- but when i click to the link to edit the entry i cant seem to connect to the webpage. ive tried a few times over the past week.

any idea admins/mods?

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great!!!! biggrin

.:full power:.

spritieSILVER Member
2,014 posts
Location: Galveston, TX, USA


I edited my profile yet again yesterday. I'm still listed as willing to teach, and doing fire, poi, and something else twice...

I like having my info there because people actually contact me because of it (and I will have an article in the local paper because of it), but I would like it to be correct. Any ideas for how I can get rid of the willing to teach?

FabergGOLD Member
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Location: Dublin, Ireland

yeah, mine is the same confused

i tried editing it yesterday, and only ticked poi & flags but it's still displaying the following:
Skills - Willing to teach,Fire,Poi,Glowstick,Staff,Flags,Meteors,Fire,Poi,Flags

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inertiaBRONZE Member
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Location: Dunedin, NZ, Netherlands

yeah i too had the same problem listing seems to suggest i'm a master of pretty much everything (which i do wish was the case..hehe)...however poi is really my only thing.. confused

nativeSILVER Member
sleeping with angels
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Location: anaheim CA usa

why dont you want to teach its a honor


spritieSILVER Member
2,014 posts
Location: Galveston, TX, USA

biggrin Thanks Malcolm!

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