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Helz BellzSILVER Member
lovin' it...
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ubblove ubblove ubblove ubblove biggrin ubblove ubblove ubblove ubblove ubbloco wink

I was just wondering who else is going to this? I'll be there, and so will BamBam.

Hope to see loads of familiar faces at this great event!

And NYC - did you notice I put the location in the title? That was just for you honey! ubbangel kiss

biggrin biggrin biggrin

On April the 24th we are once again changing some of the fabric, embracing the change that makes every Synergy event so incredibly unique:

The main dance space

This amazing space will be a collaboration of IDSpiral & Enzyme Records from Brighton, taking you on yet another magical journey. A space filled with quality music and visual delights to stretch your sensory boundaries, introducing the debut album ANCIENTFUTURE and some of the newest sounds from the emerging young Enzyme talents, catalysing positive energies with powerful sounds to make you smile and dance.

Small World

Indulge yourself in the warmth and friendliness of Small World's live stage show. Taking you on a journey that starts with poetry and ends with flat out party Salsa via Celtic tribal dance. A full flavour cycle through the renown Small World Magic of instrumental grooves and soothes!

The Gallery

The gallery will once again play host to more interactive art activities & continue the tradition of showing work by extremely talented but under exposed artists.Simply chill under the beautiful wishing tree in our funky fluro garden, make wishes, draw, play games, get involved, make a statement

...meanwhile also in the gallery

The Revelation gogo Broadcasting LIVE PSINEMA invite you to THINK ABOUT IT Featuring provocative shorts from UNDERCURRENTS activist video network interspersed with acid commentary from diverse spoken wordsmiths,
Guaranteed to activate the grey matter and awaken latent subversive tendencies

The Chillout

The chillout will be hosted by LSD (Liquid Sound Design)and Stoned Asia Music, fusing cutting edge technology, dub and electronica with ethnic grooves and ethereal melodies, diving into the debut album of Abakus that much closer to the sun& peaking with Pathaan & Gaudis Orchestral World Groove, a project that aims to turn on the world to a new concept of world music. Expect to hear, world music with elements of tech and house thrown in, as well as the additional sounds from the theramin, moog, hand sonic drum machine and various effect boxes giving them an additional live element

The healing space Divine Order

will this once again offer a vast array of alternative healing methods and as always we are host to a large number of NGO stalls, market area, festi cafes and simply the nicest crowd in London!

We will send you more details on who does what in the individual rooms very soon in the meantime here is our reduced offer for tickets!

If you get them direct from us we offer
1 ticket = 15
2 tickets = 25
3 tickets = 35
4 tickets = 45
5 tickets = 55
And 10 for every extra tickets

If you want to take part in this offer please email us at to find out how to go about it!

Live well, love much, laugh often...

Official O.B.E.S.E. cheerleader

KonstiKonstilovable smart-ass
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Ucofs mum is making us carry bags of sand around nice and early in the morning, but u know what? I couldnt care less.
its Synergy tonight!!!!!!!!
cool hug weavesmiley juggle ubbloco bounce
*bouncing around the room while Ucof is still in slumberland, that lazy bum*

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
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Ali-bird: Guest list queue is the (usually) shorter one that heads toward St Thomas Street (pointed toward the nearest the exit to the tunnel) not the really long one that stretches down the length of the tunnel smile

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My brain aches. I ache. Genreally everywhere.

Now sitting in my garden, wireless network are lovely @ thank you flid. Having a spliff.
Right, i thought it was a great night, planety of lovely happy smiling people, playing with balls and sticks and round things with LEDs what wich do that turney round thingy and pretty thingy.

Was good to see a couple of people that i havent seen for a while...Psylent Bob and Glass to name but two.

Thanks to everyone there for it being so cool.

and Cole... you need to learn not to walk away from people after you ask them to "skine uppe". ubblol

DomDomBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Location: Bristol, UK

Yep, a wicked night! Much fun was had and was lovely to see masses of people playing and having fun biggrin

But there isn't another one planned till October eek It's outdoor party season smile

Weaselthe one and only, just like chesney
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twas a lovely pretty nite of snuggly fluffy wonderous sparkle
followed by soft comfy slumber under fluffy fluffy purple things at princess palace
umm fluffy purple
love and hugs to all
ubblove ubblove ubblove ubblove ubblove ubblove ubblove

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but weasels dont get caught in jet engine's

KatKatBRONZE Member
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Lovely night was had ubbrollsmile Did not get much sleep over the weekend but it was definitely worth it ubbangel

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KonstiKonstilovable smart-ass
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it was a great night.
thanks to everyone that didnt confuse me too much
juggle hug

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
-Alfred Dorfer

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k=onsti stop f*kin up the format! shorten that name!

random murbles

BELTANE FIRE FESTIVAL. 30th april ~ Calton hill - Edinburgh
SAMHUINN FESTIVAL. 31st October ~ Royal Mile - Edinburgh

colemancolemanSILVER Member
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ubblove to all.

apologies to simon who i only saw as i was being pushed through the exit by the crowd - chat next time dude smile

was grand to see so many friends there - synergy is truly my favourite night in in london.

after the weekend we just had i say roll on the outdoor parties! biggrin

extra hug's and get well soons to hamilton frown
the censored censored security need to have their censored ripped from their censored censored and shoved up their censored.

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i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
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hexagonichexagonicClubbles Jugs
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synergy is truly my favourite night in in london.

Mine too. I had an excellent night, good to see so many people twisting weavesmiley strobes of light round themselves. Also had a great time juggleing.

Good to see so many people there, and to meet a few more hopers. Missed the security incident, anyone want to fill me in?


ah wah wah wah a wah wah

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Location: South Wales

Yer...I missed it too...


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