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anyone else know this move?

here's how you do it (learn buzzsaw and reverse buzzsaw first):

1) buzzsaw on one side
2) move your hands to the other side to a reverse buzzsaw
3) move your hands above your head to the other side to a forward buzzsaw

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you can make a full circle by going forwards to backwards at the bottom and vice versa at the top.

then try going from forwards to backwards at the top and vice versa at the bottom.

then try thowing in watermills and windmills (a water mill is a low windmill, between the arms and the body) and try to get your windmills between your arms and your head (tricky one).

then try it all butterfly!


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you can also throw in a windmill between your legs at any kind of fountain

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i love this move........ ubblove

looks so nice if you do the whole lot isolated as well smile


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Indeed I owe all props to Dai for getting me started on "Inside moves"... Buzzsaw fountains are lovely. Watermills took me far too long. I'm not even sure if I can do it well in both directions.

And of course one can isolate anything. If you're into that sort of Brittishness. wink

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a buzzsaaw fountain is one tangle short of a tangle buzzsaw fountain.. and that's freaking cool..

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I was wondering... are there any tips for getting those sweet buzzsaw transitions I've seen Meenik and now lots of other people doing: i,e I mean the transition from forward to reverse and vice versa at the top and bottom. I know someone will say 'practise.lots' (and I do) but are there any extra tips for the lazy?

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O cool i just found out i can do buzzsaw fountains. and there i was thinking it was just a cool turn, lol
i love it when stuff like that happens wink


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I'm having trouble with this too. My bottom transitions are fine, but my top ones are awful (I now have a bruise on my nose). I find spinning the poi above me and in the wall plane is the hardest part. Any tips? I can do the thing that Meenick showed us at uberpoi- ie doing the move in same time, but I cant seem to progress from there.

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