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Posted:i know they ahve done a poll on this, but i really felt like starting up a thread on this topic. It seams to me (and people i spin with) that poi is becoming more and more mainstream. But im not sure if its a good thing. Its nice to see people try it out if they are really interested in it, but like, some people just want to do it for reaction or start right with fire, baaaaad. and, its hard for me to say that doing it for the reaction isnt good, its fun to preform and get people going "oooh, shes so good!" but me, ive been doing poi for like...2-3 months now, so i myself feel bad and that maybe im one of the ones who make it mainstream, as im just learning frown. Anyways, i needed to rant, now i have, yay. Feel free to share your opinions about this, i wanna hear ^^

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Posted:theres already a whole thread about this. go look for it.


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