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Posted:hey everyone when i go to my dads i get bored waiting at the train station what do u think would happen if i just got out my poi and started spinning? Would i be in trouble with station security? Cutie
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Posted:i spin at the station all the time, unlit. guards havent ever told me to stop.i usually wrapp the chains round my hands so theyre shorter and less likely to hit someone though, or just work on something where i only need one chain (easier to keep track of who it's likely to hit)...once clipped a guy in the face, i felt SO bad, apologised so much. he didn't seem to care.



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Posted:Nah... I do it all the time with my practice poi. Train stations, down the road... Its great for hitching because u can play while u wait and they pick u up just to find out what your doing !!!Anyhow, just go for it, they can only tell u to stop.




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Posted:of course, go for it !I do it quite a lot actually. noone ever told me to stop, but it got me talking with people i never thought would talk to me.I do it especially in airports when youhave a few hours to kill !shine oncassandra

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Posted:Sure, it's fine.I even go a step further and twirl on the train (great if you can get one of those little cubicle thingies)
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I just keep my practice poi in my pocket and whip them out whenever I have to wait around... I haven't got around to doing this in the library or post office, though! I even twirl while just out for a walk (I never get anywhere though, because I have to keep stopping and explaining what I'm doing!)Happy twirling,FP xx



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Posted:I do it all th etime. Peple give me strango looks... I get self conscious really fast.I sometimes do it around school, but i cant do it very well in my shcool uniform... tie keeps getting tangled!and the teachers dont like it... lol although last year we had a physics teacher who was a really good juggler, he did like 7 club and stuff.

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