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Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"If you want to embed a video on HoP1. Use the Insert Media Button when you create or edit your post.2. Then click on the type Google video.... YouTube Video. 3. You will then be asked f..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by H4ck3d
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" You'll find more posts to more links to video clips in every post I make in this thread - Look out for 3 angels Todays video for your pleasure:Baton twirling - Sheryl Welykholowa, J..."
Posted: by Arkady Nehtov
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Posted: by landonavalon
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"Fire and Inspiration in the Mojave Desert"
Posted: by DA Circle
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Hey you poi addicted out there..!First time that I write here., because I want to share with you all my poi expiriences, I made in the past years.At first: I am working on a very new, ..."
Posted: by landonavalon
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"Might as well BURNThis is my first time attempting to produce a fire video. I’d love your feedback if you could, either in the comments or on this forum. Cheers, Tribe!"
Posted: by sidechainer
Last Reply: by trailatlas17
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"Hello, this is Croaker; I lost my password. Poi Wu Poi was conceptually crafted in 2010 while having a conversation about one of my older vid..."
Posted: by Alison Collins
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"I've been spinning fans for quite some time now and at the end of my burn I just extiquish them by spinning them until they go out. Eating fire has always made me nervous but I really w..."
Posted: by Salix
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"Hello!After couple days of editing i finnaly have pleasure to show you all our new equipment. Enjoy! Video"
Posted: by crimhead
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"Here's a fire ball I blew with white flour:"
Posted: by Arkady Nehtov
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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Posted: by Croaker
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
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"Hello,I am stopping by to post a new video of mine. I have been making videos and spinning poi/lights for over a decade, so they get sillier and stranger as time progresses.More info in..."
Posted: by Arkady Nehtov
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Posted: by Crawler Ted
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"I hooked up with a couple dudes to film some Dragon Staff spinning ! "
Posted: by GhostiX
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"Fireshow for the anniversary of 14 years cyberfire has been on the scene Cyberfire Ostrava 14years dj Jade"
Posted: by GhostiX
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"Ladies and gentlemen, I present you a video of Manawa Fire Art. In collaboration with the Full Fire group performed at the festival and performed an amazing fire show.Fireshow Manawa Fi..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by phunky
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" I quit spinning back in the early 2000's. Had an urge to start practicing again last month. There's so many new things to learn it's overwhelming."
Posted: by fran.var.vil
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" is a little practice yesterday."
Posted: by Oliver Pooley
Last Reply: by xast
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"Hi everyone check out my competition video I made late part of last year. Double Fire Katanans,Fire breathing, Sick Poi skills, Fans, Staff and Contact Enjoy these KILLER MOVES ..."
Posted: by xast
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" was visiting my dad in The Netherlands for a couple weeks and we went on a little road trip through Germany and over to Prague. We stopped at a couple cast..."
Posted: by Arkady Nehtov
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" artnonstop show"
Posted: by fran.var.vil
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"what you think?"
Posted: by troubledrabbit
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"We've been working really hard all year to finally be able to present to you our first professional video Filmed up in the beautiful mountains of Cape Town, South Africa. Let us..."
Posted: by gshaft12
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"So my friend and I have been spinning for some time now and finally got around to making an actual video. I would appreciate you guy checking it out and letting me know what you think...."
Posted: by Flow DNA
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" Some of what we've been getting up to in the south of the dark continent "
Posted: by ThaiTom
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"chinese contact staff "
Posted: by Ghostina Fuego
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" Here is also my youtube channel if you want to see all of my videos: Ghostina Fuego YouTube channel "
Posted: by TBJ_TV
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"Staff Spinning Acrobatic Hot Firestick Acrobatic - The Hamburg "Magician" of the firesticks - Benjamin Hornung - is training at the Alster."
Posted: by Lukas Zmejevskis
Last Reply: by Lukas Zmejevskis
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"Hello HoP community. Check this video out and tell us what you think about it. &lbr;url=;Studio Aflames - Warriors sparkles and pyrotechn..."
Posted: by yamakoune
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" I uploaded tailpoi performance video."
Posted: by joffjk
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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" "
Posted: by Matronda Yeahh
Last Reply: by Matronda Yeahh
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" &lbr;video:youtube&rbr;"
Posted: by Vetle Strøm
Last Reply: by Vetle Strøm
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"Hello flowers! I'm a part of the Art of Flow community on Oslo, Norway, and I'm surrounded by wonderful people, and I would like to show them off to you guys!I'm a film student, and I'v..."
Posted: by Matronda Yeahh
Last Reply: by Matronda Yeahh
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"Wanted to share with the community. This video captures the "destined by choice" mentality I've been on. Create, Burn, Integrate, Repeat."
Posted: by zuz
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"Dear Home of poi community, I just want to share one of my latest works here, hope you enjoy:)In this video I played with mirror - thought of it as of my dance companion on the other si..."
Posted: by Brian Breton
Last Reply: by Brian Breton
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"Some Fire and Floyd from last weekend in Maine. "
Posted: by Lazy Gomez
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"This should probably be titled Black and White Polyester Balls with very occasional Glow Balls really :-)"
Posted: by MeghanSane
Last Reply: by Kodi R.
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"The Full Moon Fire Jam in Chicago, IL, USA started pretty small around 2004. Does any other city do it?I just finished a video from the jam on July 1st, 2015. I'd love to get some feedb..."
Posted: by Kodi R.
Last Reply: by Kodi R.
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"So...this is the first time I filmed myself doing my staff. I have two videos that I'd love to show. Um, I'd love advice if anyone has any since I'm still very much a beginner. Sorry fo..."
Posted: by dagez
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"I turned my regular fan veils into poi! Fast forward to 1:33 for the transition. Do you think this would work with an LED fan? Been sitting on this idea for also thinking of ..."
Posted: by Dandelion
Last Reply: by Dandelion
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"If anyone good give me some detailed feedback on this video that'd be uber cool ^ ^ Or even just if its good or bad or what you liked/didn't like about it. "
Posted: by Mark Husted
Last Reply: by Mark Husted
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"Hi everyone!! I just wanted to let you all know that I have been posting videos in here like a nub for the past few years and this will be the final resting home of all Tamed Fire video..."
Posted: by Skateboardkid
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" so good, more for the patterns and to show them, camera could be better for hat, I had fun tho.. "
Posted: by chazz
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" HiHere's my new contact and acrostaff video made by Van Loop Media & Performance ( out my website for a staff video blog: http://contact-s..."
Posted: by Nadezhda Raskumandrina
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Lightning and thunder, nature and waterfalls, soulful dance music - all this inspiring northern Thailand! "
Posted: by Nadezhda Raskumandrina
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"This performance was filmed in northern Thailand, at the height of the rainy season. Fire fan by thunder, lightning, waterfalls and rapids .. The incredible beauty! "
Posted: by KrewSayd
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"Aloha!I do believe I may have once long ago posted a video on these forums, but memory seems to elude me!PS, it seems to look best in HD =PAs is such, I'm Crusade and this is me playing..."
Posted: by lostfaceman
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" guy is sick o.0"
Posted: by Oliver Pooley
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" &lbr;video:youtube&rbr; Hey everyone please check out my video that I made with some local Bedford talent. Zeb has got some serious double f..."
Posted: by wolvenfae
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"Just created an account! Any spinners in Denver want to link up? &lbr;url= &rbr;Fire Spinning to Omaha Dance by Tomahawk&lbr;/url&rbr; &l..."
Posted: by WaK
Last Reply: by ArtworkByAutumn
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"This is me just kinda screwing around one night in my trashed apartment. Feedback welcome. xW4Kx (youtube)"
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