Single Monkey Fist Inner Core Block

Single Monkey Fist Inner Core Block

Single Monkey Fist Inner Core Block

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Make your own HoP Monkey fist using this internal core block.
Only for use with HoP 3/8 10mm Kevlar rope

Use to make your own Monkey fist fire poi head using our unique tried and tested quality parts and design.

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  • Save $$$ by making your own.
  • Create long burn times with large spectacular flames.
  • Wow and amaze onlookers.
  • New unique HoP revolutionized Monkey fist core design.
  • A chosen favourite by many fire performers worldwide.
  • Add your own personalized touch by creating your own gear.

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For anyone wanting to make their own single 2.5 inch standard HoP Monkey fist fire poi head.
Save $$$ by making these knots yourself with the assurance of knowing only HoPs genuine quality parts and design are used.

Open Tab規格
  • One unique HoP designed Monkey fist core
  • Heat resisting stainless steel eyebolt.
  • Online step by step tutorial.
  • One core makes one single MF head
  • Diameter: 2.5inch 65mm approx
  • Weight when completed: 130g single.
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE: HoP 3/8 10mm Kevlar rope or chains/cords

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10th October, 2018
Useful and works as advertised
"Works as it should, the only minus is the seam where both halves are merged seems a bit rough."
Stefan, China.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2018