Pair of Elderly Cone Poi with Carry Bag

Pair of Elderly Cone Poi with Carry Bag

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Fabric Cone Poi with super soft recycled rubber filling and easy grip knob handles.
Comes with pair of soft weight and bag to keep your poi safe and clean.
To start the poi learning journey, purchase yours today!

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  • Super comfortable and smooth spinning.
  • Very Soft low impact design.
  • Designed for beginners, elderly and fragile spinners.

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Easy grip for old hands.
Short length for those who can not stand.

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  • Fabric: Cotton.
  • Width: Cord section 23 mm.
  • Total length with handles: 500 mm
  • Total Weight: 220 grams.

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Shaban and Malcolm
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24th October, 2023
Great poi for smaller spaces
"These are not only for elderly people . I use them in my Appartement where space is limited . They are about one fist length shorter than the regular swivel knob poi . Sturdy fabric with Velcro . Sometimes I put LED juggling balls inside when it s dark , really nice effect . Shipping took a little longer , but great customer service . I really like the swivel knob"
Marc, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2023