Nigel Smith, Nigel Smith teaching poi in Japan

Nigel Smith, Nigel Smith teaching poi in Japan

Nigel Smith

訪談與分享 - Nigel Smith teaching poi in Japan


HOP • Published on 30 Apr, 2013

I just want to say thanks to Nigel for being the one who first introduced me to Poi many years ago.

I met Nigel whilst I was Juggling in the arts centre. He was a very nice and friendly person. He was one of those people who could give you the energy and confidence to achieve anything. I showed him some Juggling and he showed me Poi. This web site certainly would not be here without his inspiration

Below is a picture of Nigel in Japan teaching some people new Poi Moves. Thank you Mitsuaki for the pictures.

Sadly Nigels life was taken in December of 1999. And I feel I have to say to him again

"Thanks Nigel for the gift you passed onto me" :-)

His life was so giving and special.

He is very much sadly missed both here in New Zealand and Japan.


Malcolm Crawshay



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