Lernen Nigel Smith - Nigel Smith teaching poi in Japan

Nigel Smith
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Interviews - Nigel Smith teaching poi in Japan

HOP • Published on 30 Apr, 2013

I just want to say thanks to Nigel for being the one who first introduced me to poi many years ago.

I met Nigel whilst I was juggling in the arts centre. He was a very nice and friendly person. He was one of those people who could give you the energy and confidence to achieve anything. I showed him some juggling and he showed me poi. This web site certainly would not be here without his inspiration

Below is a picture of Nigel in Japan teaching some people new poi moves. Thank you Mitsuaki for the pictures.

Sadly Nigels life was taken in December of 1999. And I feel I have to say to him again

"Thanks Nigel for the gift you passed onto me"

His life was so giving and special.

He is very much sadly missed both here in New Zealand and Japan.


Malcolm Crawshay


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