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Alexander McAllister
BRONZE Member since Feb 2020
Registered on: 11th Feb 2020


Quest for the Legendary Hat

Follow your Friends

Foliage and Fire
The Incendian Pixie
Relaxed moment
Fire poi spinning
Flow 🔥💗...
Dreaming with fire
life is a ravers dream
Interconnected, Freestyle, Improve, Parter Poi Productions
Release to mature
Spiraling Flame
Behind the Back Wrap Attack!
Fire Aura
Dancing Fire
Fire \'n\' Fun Butterfly Flowers
Genuine Happiness
Orbitals in Action
Bushfire Sunset
Evoke Light
Circle of Light
Guarding the Night Circus
Daemon Power!!!
lakebed spark
Hoop lights
Circular Thoughts
Hooping at the stacks
Alab Hunk Poi Benjamin
Dont slip
Dancing In The Stars
Forest smile