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Posted:not sure if i like this depression thing. i have nothing to be depressed about, but for some reason i am. The one thing that i was about to get happy abotu was squashed when i found out my wicks were soaked to the metal from being out in the rain.

where does this feeling of being depressed come from. is it something i ate? its strange but there is nothing else it could be, just depressed for no apparent reason. I just feel so, bored with life.

i think i need a new challenge. something to keep my ever moving mind busy.

i cant imagine how it must feel to be clinically depressed all the time. not trying to be mean or anything, i just think it must be extremely hard and unforgiving.

i think i should go and get smothered by my friends. maybe a book or a good game of chess to occupy my mind.

sorry abotu the random rant. just wanted to get it off my chest so that i could move on and have some fun like i am used to.

of you read this could you just do me one favor...


anyone got a light?

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Posted:Wow, Ray, i didn't know you are in Korea. How do you like it?

Pozee, are you really coming to Colorado? If you will be in Denver, please let me know, i'd love to see you!

We got the MikeZ in the house, woot!Glue the ham, hat baby!


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