Poi Dancing - Beyond the Basics

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Poi Dancing - Beyond the Basics

Join renowned-teacher Nick Woolsey and an international group of your peers (plus special guests) for a 13-section, structured, Beyond-The-Basics poi course.
Deepen your skill with intermediate and advanced poi!

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  • Start the course within 15 minutes of purchase
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  • Renowned international poi-teacher with 12 years of teaching experience.

О Poi Dancing - Beyond the Basics
The themes and lessons of this course include:
Poi-fu (poi movements in the body)
Footwork, spotting, and whirling
Mastery of planes
Five beat weaves and four beat corkscrews
Pendulums and clockwork patterns
Flowers and CAPs
Stalls and stall patterns
Crosspoints and pattern beautification
Rhythm, timing, and musicality
Variations of Spiral Wraps
Air-wraps, hyperloops, and orbitals
Behind the back weaves and waist wraps
Body tracing
And a whole lot more!
Nick has been teaching poi professionally since 2003.
He has taught poi to thousands of people, all over the world.
He has put everything he knows about poi into this course.
The lessons will progress each section through a proven system of exercises, with the goal of achieving complete freedom of movement and expression with poi.

Nick will also post review and homework notes to help you stay organized and focussed.
Throughout the course you can submit questions (preferably by video) and Nick will answer.
That's a whole DVD's worth of poi video content each week, plus community involvement and feedback from the teacher!

All participants will be invited to participate in online discussion forums, where everybody can post their progress and support each other.

If you are confident with the poi basics, and you want to go further, then this is the course for you!

This course does not have an access expiry date and will continue to be available for many years yet.

Please note this is not a DVD and an online course only.
  • Please note this is not a DVD and an online course only.

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