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Helping you find the right retirement or agedcare facilities. - You may even find other oldies to Poi and Fire Dance. Never too old to spin Fire.

Funding my Travel - Exploring New Ways To Fund Your Travel and Other Dreams.

Tesla Free Radiant Energy I and my friends are passionate about Nikola Tesla and his discoveries, work and inventions. It gives us no greater pleasure than to be able to read research experiment, duplicate his discoveries and test his theories in today’s world.

The Game of Crow Sharing your passions of Art, Poi and Dance with photos and video.

How to Poi How to Learn Spin Fire Poi in Just 7 Days! Free video lessons.

Multicopter and Quadcopter Parts and Flight Control Awesome place to get stuff and the owner is a Fire friend too. Anyone want to make a Quadrocopter LED Poi?

Haka International specializes in Maori entertainment and events Haka international have extensive performer networks in NZ, Australia and can perform internationally. See them for Entertainment, Events, Workshops, Maori consultancy, Event management, Dining and Catering.
Haka International works with clients to provide culturally authentic services of the highest quality.

One Chinese Medical Clinic, Christchurch, New Zealand. We treat patients with Acupuncture, Tuina, Chinese herbs and warm heart.
Acupuncture results in the body producing natural substances, such as pain-relieving endorphins. These naturally released substances are responsible for the beneficial effects experienced with acupuncture. HoP Shop Home of Poi now has most of our product sets on, however all DIY and parts only available in the HoP Shop.

Natural Skin Care Product Consultant, Christchurch, New Zealand. Offering products for sale via a hostess party , range is from a reputable, privately owned, multi-million dollar international organisation marketing exclusive high quality, value-based health and beauty products, in the comfort and company of friends- Party.

UniSmart - Giving Students a head start The induction event that engages and informs your first year university students.

Ground Conversion Ltd for Earth works, Construction Stabilisation and Geotechnical Investigation Working on Excavation, Cement Stabilisation, Ground Improvement, Retaining Walls, Driveways, CTP, Scala Penetrometer and Hand Augers, Piling and Underpinning, Demolition

NZ Hoopfest - Hooping Fun The NZ Hoopfest is the first ever NZ Hoop event! Come and join the celebration, the community, the learning and the fun! With internationally renown instructors and performers, NZ talent, a full programme of activities including fire play and renegade shows, accommodation and veg / vegan food included in the very low ticket price and a beautiful site just outside of Wellington... how can you miss out??? This event is open to all level hoopers - from beginners to professionals.. come and play!

Kinetic Fire Kinetic Fire is a 4 day fire performer’s paradise, designed to provide a fun and open-share communal environment in which spinners from all over the Mid-West and the world can learn, teach, and advance together in the spinning arts. A sister event to FireDrums, Kinetic Fire focuses heavily on a strong participant led workshop program, spread across a diverse range of object manipulation and fire related disciplines. Fire enthusiasts of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this rare opportunity for growth and development as a fire artist, with other motivated members of the fire family.

Serbia's SummerFlame Event From 1st to 4th of July we are organizing the first fire convention ever to take place in Serbia. The Event goes by the name of 'SummerFlame' and is a cross-over convention, in the sense, that it combines fire and moving arts in order to promote a more innovative and interdisciplinary approach.

Rethinkyoyo Dave's goal for his site is to make a large stock of yoyo tutorials that are easy to follow and learn from. If you find the site helpful, please spread the word about it in any way you see fit. Your support is immensely appreciated!

Dreads 'n' Hoops Frenchy is a fire, LED, street and circus performer with the partnership company Dreads 'n' Hoops. She is originally from Manchester, UK. Frenchy is a workshop leader, hoop dance teacher, event organiser, stilt walker and arts practitioner with over 15 years experience of performing and working with challenging young people and 10 years experience of fire and circus arts and manipulation.

How to Ballroom dancing lessons, DVDs and reviews Discover which Ballroom Dancing DVDs are the best with these Ballroom Dancing DVD lesson reviews

The Dali Hump a performance, arts and music community based in Dali, Yunnan, China.

Christchurch Sonter Automotive Car, Van and Light Truck repairs/service These guys are our neighbors and we use them for all our vehicles. We highly recommend their services.

Fireworks specialist supplier of Chinese fireworks throughout the United Kingdom.

Wholesale Fireworks Fireworks Arcade Wholesale is an approved Internet Mail Order company concentrating on both Retail and Wholesale Trade.

Glow Products - We provide the highest quality of Indoor Fireworks, Roman Candles, Birthday Cake Candles, Ice Fountain, Champagne Sparklers & Desert Fountains which we also supply to a variety of clubs, restaurants & banqueting halls throughout the UK and overseas.

Roll-T3ch Our T-Shirt images are all pictures of us glowsticking!!! Our ideas are 100% original and 200% awesome, we are also very open to new T-Shirt Ideas so help us out.

World of Poi Firstly I would like to introduce my website and the reason I’ve set it up. When I first started spinning poi I found it very difficult to find information about what was available. So I’ve now created this website and brought all the knowledge I’ve gathered to place it under one easily accessible roof. I am dedicated to making poi more accessible to the beginner and I hope to create a community where people can express their opinions and views on everything to do with poi.

Pixie Hoops An inspiring hoop fitness workout to keep your spirits high and your body engaged. Lose weight, have fun, sculpt & tone your body all at the same time!! Unlike the classic hula hoop® toy, Pixie Hoops are larger, slightly weighted and easier for adults and youth to use. Hooping is the fusion of dance, exercise and play with a large weighted hoop.

Poi Pixie Productions Poi lessons in Canada and Fiji

Circus into Schools The site that promotes circus skills for schools and other groups as well as providing a whole range of entertainment for events.
We can work with young people through schools, youth clubs, brownies, guides, scouts, clubs to put on shows / community performances.

Circus Allsorts Circus Allsorts offers Stilt walkers / Stilt Acts / Stiltwalkabouts, Busking Acts, Circus Workshops and Balloon Modelling.
We are a small group of artists who teach and perform, trapeze, dance, circus skills, drama, physical theatre and storytelling. We are all trained, insured and CRB checked.

Waiariki Institute of Technology : Maori Education Waiariki Polytech & Institute of Technology has campuses in Rotorua, Taupo, Whakatane, Tokoroa & Waipa offering Business Administration, IT, Forestry, Hospitality, Web & Graphic Design and Project Management courses plus Business Management Degrees, Tourism & Early Childhood Education Training & Maori Education amongst many others. eCampus Waiariki offers Free Home Correspondence courses and distance learning online.

Wananga o Awanuiarangi : Mataatua Based in Whakatane, New Zealand, Te Whare Wânanga o Awanuiârangi offers quality Maori education programmes & courses.  Awanuiârangi is one of only three institutions in New Zealand designated as wânanga under the Education Act 1989.  Our mission is "Rukuhia te mâtauranga ki tôna hôhonutanga me tôna whânuitanga" - "To pursue knowledge to its greatest depths and broadest horizons".

Kerry Kaye Fire Performance I started spinning poi at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2007. I currently perform with poi, rope dart, staff, fire eating/fleshing, and fire breathing. I am currently located in Burlington, VT and am willing to travel for events. Nunchaku Community - the home of freestyle nunchaku and other freestyle martial artists!

Jazz Dance An informative site for Jazz and Ballet Dancers.  Free Dance Articles, Press Releases, Classifieds, News, Forums, and more.

Hyperloop Hoops Hoops and wick covers - some of our HoPper friends "spreading the love of the wiggle" in the UK.

Fire stuff Fire Performance equipment, performance and lessons, Auckland, New Zealand.

Dead Ringer - designers and fabricators of Dragonware, Celtica and fine quality Skull rings.

Nocturnal Sunshine - Nocturnal Sunshine Melbourne is an inspirational performance troupe of talented individuals with diverse origins and skills. This engaging collective creates a truly unique and professional experience that will be enjoyed by everyone. Through the intergration of fire, circus dance, puppetry and magic, "Nocturnal Sunshine" offers performance art that will cater for all occasions.

Colorado Fire Tribe - Colorado's thriving community of fire dancers, artists, and freaks sharing resources, experience, and support for fire arts everywhere

Firemancer - Revolutionary fire dancing and performance arts, blacklight spinning shows, and cirque/themed entertainment packages travelling from Denver, Colorado for private parties, corporate events, weddings, and more

Jalaanaa. The virtual home for the Jalaanaa Fire Perfomers group in Munich, Germany.

Exsulis   Performers, Fire breathing, Fire eating, Contact fire. Comedy  and fun! Plus motivational topics including but not limited to; dealing with stress, social issues ( bullying, peer pressure, etc...)

Play festival UK. A summertime festival for the circus skills/fire arts community. Working for non profit and we're giving you the opportunity to spend a weekend making new friends while playing, learning and improving in as many different arts as possible, plus live shows and live music with camping for £15.

Poi in the Park Another commmunity, lots of information on poi and staff. Good resource site..

PlayPoi Studios - founded by Nick Woolsey. Nick has combined his own experience with Tai Chi, dance, and yoga with poi to produce his unique style. He enjoyes sharing what he learns via this website and workshops.

Spherculism Another commmunity, lots of information on poi and staff. Good resource site..

Realm of the Fire Phoenix
My name is Richard Erno and my practice of fire dancing is used to unite the mind and body toward movement on the same pattern, therefore; creating beautiful unity of their forces. My fire dancing name is Fire Phoenix.

Kitty's Poi Web Log My name is Kitty and my hobby is "Poi". I hope you enjoy my poi blog, and I am looking forward to sharing all my experiences with other poi lovers!

Dance Directory . A website that containing over a hundred (and growing) of categorized links to dancing-related online resources : articles, where and how to learn to dance and more  .SonicStars - for babes (and blokes) with balls! What are SonicStars? SonicStars are balls with tails used in the art of Poi (or "Twirling").

Temple of Poi  Provides online lessons that can be purchased and downloaded from the net. is an attempt to provide accurate information on juggling events in, around, and indeed even quite far away from London. For this to work I need information!

Luxotica  Canadian fire toy manufacturer, gallery and lots of information. Sorry not a poi site. 'Paws on Industry" are a clever company that specializes in developing commercial products, including embedded systems software (including real time and DSP applications using C, C++ and many assembly languages), database applications (using SQL and Ab Initio), Windows software development (in C, C++ and Java), and Internet-enabled products for companies that provide solutions to emerging markets.

Otto Dacapo Street performer, entertainer, comedy, clown and juggler. Professional performer sure to please everyone.

Malabarismo Jaxenolaf - Spanish juggling  group.

All about Balls. Our site is called ALL ABOUT BALLS and deals with all kinds of balls used in sport, leisure, toys, recipes, science, fun, therapy, art, whatever.

Urban Fire Tribe Circus As all people before us we remain fascinated by, and try to find a balance within this combination of life & death, symbolized in FIRE. With these thoughts in mind, we endeavour to weave music, dance and fire into an act that will forever burn itself into the memory of anyone who sees us!

Bergen Jokers was started in Bergen, summer 2002. They started juggling in the summer 2001, but did'nt begin with performing before winter 2002, even thouge they only have juggeled a bit more then a year, have they become fairly famous in there country because of there juggling skils, Martin Rugaard is ectualy the Norwegian champion on Diabolo!

Glow in the Dark Paint and Powder. Party information, and sales of glow in the dark powder and ink.

Ash Circle.
Born with the new millennium,  Ash Circle has dedicated itself to the task of training the flame.  Obsessed with the destructive allure of fire,  Ash Circle endeavours to weave music,  dance,  and fire into a show that will forever burn itself into the memory of any who see it. .
Internet home of the Pyromaniacs - a South African fire performance troupe.

Fire performance group based in Boston, they do fire and dance performances, hold gatherings, and have spin meets for fire people of New England and beyond.

Juggling with a twist . com
David's site about twisters, fire and glowstick. With Hints, advice and tips, pictures and links.

Living Art Productions.
Over 3,000 photographs from the Arizona rave scene. Including many Glow stick twirlers

Jon and Alex's Poi Webpage.
With Photos, Movies, Information and other cool stuff

John and Dan's pages on fire dancing.

A community of fire fanatics living in Sydney, Australia. They use poi, staff, double staff, clubs, eating, breathing and everything else they can think of.

Seeds of fire
Is a San Francisco based performance art troupe that utilizes dance, music, visual art, spoken word, and fire for creative expression. Fire performances utilize poi, staff, double staff, fingers, fans, and torches.

Q: Who was Prometheus??
A: Acording to Greek mythology Prometheus was the one responsible for bringing fire to the people of earth. He cast away to the isle of the Titans where he stole the flame.

Hayo bola
Is a gathering of friends sharing a love of fire, art, music and movement. They are based in Victoria, BC.

Liquid Flame.
Spin, Twirl, Blow!, Ignite~ This Site is dedicated to Fire.

A Guide to Club, Meteor and Fire Chain Swinging
Heaps of information here. Well worth visiting.

Incendium Fire Circus.
Provides a comprehensive guide to all things fire...
fire breathing, fire twirling, fire pois etc.

Fire Chains, Fire Dancing and Poi
This site has heaps of useful information on Fire, Moves, Hints and Tricks. Also information on making different coloured flames.

Fireworks Dance Company
Is Melbourne's premier fire performance group covering raves, nightclubs, corporate events, private parties all over Victoria, Australia.

A 5 piece fire performance group based in Seattle, USA. Check them out for upcoming shows and events.

Flaming Sparrow Press
Stockists of Chinese Meteors, Monkeyfist Meteor and the Universal Meteor, fire safety for jugglers Book. Flaming Sparrow Press, A Division of Foreworks Publishing Box 82289, Portland OR 97282 -- (503) 653-2614 -- mail to:-

Polynesian Dance Workshops
Karen has had extensive training in Polynesian dance, her instructors includes Kumu Hulas or master dance instructors from the Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu, HI; professional dancers from the Polynesian luau at Sea World of Florida, and Mahea Uchiyama of California.

Juggling Information Service
A huge database of juggling information from all around the world

New Zealand Juggling Association homepage.
Here you will find information about and an opportunity to participate in the New Zealand Juggling community

Auckland Juggling and Unicycling
A club based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Is aiming to be - with your help - the largest, most up to date, easiest to use directory of circus resources in the world.

Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine
The Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine exists as a beacon illuminating the dreams of the Kali Yuga. Includes a Hall of Flame and details about
TUCSON FIRE SOCIETY 330 N. 4th Ave #23 TUCSON, AZ 85705.

Poi spinning book
The site of the poi spinning book.. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |