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Jessi Gunsalus

Jessi Gunsalus
BRONZE Member since Nov 2018
Registered on: 1st Nov 2018
Last active: 11th Nov 2018

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summer time!
Mom, im fine.
A big smile for the crowd
3 Leaf Clover
A beautiful night at the river front
Fall in Love with my clown
Fire belt
Lost Lands Music Festival
Lake Surprise Fairy Mt Eccles Victoria
Mt.Ngauruho (aka Mount Doom), New Zealand
Photo - poi
Ninja Defence
Katana and umbrella
Neon Fantasy
2016 🐉
The fire mage and the forest
Memory Elena - 2 fans 1 hoop
Fire Phoenix
Gasworks Seattle
Best Performance Ever
Pride against prejudice
The Last Night of Love
spinning in the snow... fighting the cold
Tricksy Pixies
Lighting Up The Beach
O.Z.O.R.A. Dragonnest
Forever young
Forest Jedi

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