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I use socks for my acrylics, but have plans to create a belt pouch for them.

For beginners, I'd suggest a 100mm stage ball or sil-x. Acrylics, albeit pretty, scratch/chip really easily, ruining the illusion for isolations, plus they won't break things (read: tv...

Not trying to detract from HoP at all, but anyone interested in contact juggling should check out contactjuggling.org


3 1/8  inch Stage Soft Color  
      23rd July, 2010
Great for Contact
"These balls are great for learning single ball contact juggling. They are a bit on the light side which does make it a bit harder but also makes you refine your technique more. I'd strongly suggest these to anyone."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Mar 2010

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