Replacement Capsule Light

部品, グロー ポイ パーツ

Replacement Capsule Light

Replacement Capsule Light for the PodPoi.
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LED Capsule Light Unit Users Guide

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について Replacement Capsule Light
The capsule light (originally introduced in podpoi) is a leap forward in flow arts illumination technology and an evolution of our commitment to spreading the beauty and joy of movement and light.
Sold individually w/ o-rings.

Capsules feature 12 superbright RGB leds, kinetic awareness and an intuitive 1-button interface with many modes ranging from awesome trails to gorgeous mood lighting.
Each mode is adjustable either in color, speed, brightness or pattern.
Micro-USB charge-port, 6-77hr runtime, battery life indicator and a variety of charging options make it a breeze to keep glowing during festivals and travel.

Compatibility: Capsule lights can be used in podpoi, flowpoi series, and all flowtoys staffs, contact staffs and juggling batons.
Capsule lights cannot be used in crystal cases.
You can connect 2 capsules using a capsule link.
Capsules fit in a podshell with a C-ring (no supplied).
Capsules fit in flowcaps without the C-ring.

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    グロー ポイ パーツパーツ, DIYパーツ
    27th June, 2018
    Thank you HOP!
    "Love your products and your excellent service!"
    , Israel.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since Sep 2016

    18th June, 2018
    Spare pair of poi
    "After a few years of heavy use my old poi's battery broke (first generation) - new replacement fits perfectly in my pods and lights as bright as I can wish for. (Also as always - thanks for the quick delivery!)"
    , Austria.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since May 2009

    1st April, 2018
    Thumbs up!
    "Accountable, satisfied and efficient. Both HOP and their products."
    , Thailand.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since Mar 2014

    22nd February, 2018
    "I thought it might be hard to set up in my original pod poi but it wasn't too hard and the colors are beautiful. Product wasn't damaged at all. Great fast shipping. Thank you"
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    BRONZE Member since Feb 2018

    17th January, 2018
    Replacement poi
    "Had an AMAZING experience with home of poi replacements. Emailing back and forth quite a few times was a process but the out come was worth it. Got all the replacement parts for my boyfriends poi!!! So awesome!"
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Jun 2017

    21st December, 2017
    Great customer service!
    "Ordered this item for my son as an xmas gift. Although I ordered the wrong one, the item came quickly and was packaged well. Once I realized I ordered the wrong one, I worked with Sam to return to HoP and order the right product in time for Xmas. Thanks for helping me fix my stupid mistake!"
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Nov 2015

    19th December, 2017
    Exchanged product
    "This is a great product and I ve never had any problems with anything I ve bought from HOP . Just after a few months one of my Pod poi stoped charging and they replaced it so fast. I was so pleased . Thanks HOP."
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since May 2006

    13th December, 2017
    Thanks you very much!
    "I bought a poi my boyfriend for his birthday. came almost in time, but a bit long lay on the mail warehouse in our country. when delivered and recharged, it turned out that one thing does not hold a charge. But the service after the treatment decided the issue very quickly and a few days later we received a new LED device. Quickly, without problems. Thank you very much!"
    Thanks you very much!
    , Ukraine.   [Verified Buyer]
    BRONZE Member since Oct 2017

    12th December, 2017
    Excellent company!
    "Always happy with my orders. I got replacement batteries this time, and they arrived quickly. Good product. Will continue to purchase for sure."
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    BRONZE Member since Jun 2016

    5th December, 2017
    "They are accurate and timely in their service"
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    BRONZE Member since Nov 2017

    6th November, 2017
    The lights are brighter and stronger than the previous ones. Love it. Thank you so much
    , United Arab Emirates.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Jan 2017

    12th October, 2017
    nothing better than these capsules
    "I had a problem with one of my capsule and bam HOP shipped one right away... Great support and great product as well."
    , India.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since Aug 2014

    2nd October, 2017
    Good as always
    "I have been ordered Pod poi from Home of Poi for many times already. They are for myself and friends. I love Podpoi. It is still one of my favorite poi ever."
    , Thailand.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since Oct 2013

    21st September, 2017
    That's perfect!
    "The new capsule arrived in a very short period of time. Very nice colour. Thanks a lot to Home of Poi's team and their kindness!"
    That's perfect!
    , Italy.   [Verified Buyer]
    BRONZE Member since Sep 2016

    9th August, 2017
    Warentied Podpoi Capsule Light
    "So I got this item as a replacement for my original podpoi which had an electrical issue. I was very satisfied with the replacement and it has worked perfectly so far. I did break the o-ring while attaching my rope to the capsule but that was my own fault and now I'm simply using a rubber band."
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Aug 2016

    3rd August, 2017
    Replaced capsule on warranty!
    "Great service! I had an issue with my light capsule and messaged Home of poi. They responded quick and sent a capsule replacement within one week."
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    BRONZE Member since Oct 2016

    28th July, 2017
    "The capsule was easy to install, and works great! Very good bright lighting and awesome settings!! Defintley recomend"
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Feb 2017

    26th July, 2017
    "The best place to get what u want, with a lifetime guarantee?? Home of poi is lit!"
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Oct 2016

    22nd July, 2017
    Awesome service by HOP
    "had a problem with one of my podpoi capsule lights. i wrote an email and they answered with some instructions to find out whats wrong with it. We came to the result that it must be the battery. the service wanted to send me a complete new capsule light. today it arrived here in germany and everything was fine. the customer service is really awesome. i didn t have to pay the airmail or send in my broken capsule light which would have last twice as long then. it feels good to know, that there is always someone to help if there is any problem. you can count on the service. buying my podpoi at hop was a good decison and worth the money!"
    , Germany.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Nov 2016

    24th June, 2017
    "Fast reception and good service, good product for my podpoi"
    , France.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Jun 2017