10mm Polyester Rope

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Length of 10mm (3/8 Inch) Polyester Rope

10mm ポリエステル ロープ

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  • marine grade polyester rope available in a range of bright eyecatching colours.
  • strong and durable construction while being soft on the hands.

について Length of 10mm (3/8 Inch) Polyester Rope
Double Braided polyester rope is the time proven marine standard.
The rope consists of a low twisted compact inner braid primarily to add strength and a twisted braided outer which provides strength and abrasion resistance to stand the test of time.
The outer yarns are braided so as the individual fibres lie inline with the rope itself.
This stops individual fibres catching on any minor protrusions while in use.
While the outer adds to the strength of the rope its primary function is to give durability.
The diameter dimension is stated when the rope is pulled tight - when relaxed it will be a slightly larger diameter.

As used in our monkeyfist Chinese meteor.
  • 直径10mm
  • Double braided polyester rope
  • Yellow and Orange glow well under UV light.
  • Pink a little bit.

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