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Why have I never heard of this? Did I miss the thread? Scotland, where you at?!?!

It's apparently Britain's Most Magnificant Fire Festival. The photos are amazing. As Dai would say "FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!" Anyone have any good links?

I am furious that I was not informed of this event. Maybe all of you UK poi nerds were at a sock convention or something. wink

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Yea I think I came across this at some stage while looking at hogmanay on the web. It seems to be part of the greater Hogmanay festival. There's a few other things on too which can be found here here

Hogmanay in Edinburgh on new years eve is deadly. Even if it was cancelled this year biggrin

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sock convention

eek do you have details?!

when is it?!!!??!???

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from what I've been reading about it just now, it doesn't look like there is much room for fire performers to just drop in - just a procession with torches and a big bonfire with stage performances (inside) afterwards.


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yeah i've been to this.

part of my 'as many new years to so with fire i can get in one year' tour.(which incedentally was 4)

its amazing..

but theres no place for this side of fire performance. and to tell the truth if you were to try you would probably come out of it very badly ubblol

i recommend this tour itinerary:

dec31: stonehaven - massive fireball swinging
jan 11: burghead - burning of the clavie(mental. more mental than any fire thiing i have eever seen)
end jan - lerwick - uphellyaa
may - edinburgh - beltane ubblove

and anyway NYC

i heard there were events of a performance nature in New York and YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THEM mad spank

when you send me a list of every event i might maybe enjoy in the states, i'll do the same for scotland. ok spank

R biggrin

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If there were fire events of a performance nature in New York, than nobody told me about it either. spank

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Yes, let's go.
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