Advanced Weaves, 5 Beat Slide

Advanced Weaves, 5 Beat Slide

Poi - 5 Beat Slide

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  Published on 3 Aug, 2009


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Post2nd Aug 2009 11:37 PM 

huh, i like this alot. almost like an archers extention with a five beat. could this be done on a wall plane...? i must go find out. :P

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Post3rd Aug 2009 8:13 PM 

I have seen a 4 beat windmill slide, But I couldn't replicate it if my life depended on it =/

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Reged: Aug 2009
Post31st Aug 2009 4:09 AM 

Really nice weave, but takes some time to get it smile

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Post28th Feb 2010 4:07 PM 

cool move...just learned it now, thanks!...i see a possible iso extension where the opposite hand crosses from fore arm to under arm...should be able to go into wall plane flowers this way! will be SICK!!! Good vid! thanks!
A circle is a beautiful shape...I love being able to use this shape and recreate it in many forms through poi!

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Reged: Aug 2010
Post31st Aug 2010 1:46 PM 

thank you so much. this adds a lot of flair and style to my 5 beat weave. found it 2 be very easy after already having a good grasp on both the 5 beat weave and 3 beat extensions. also this is my first post! woot!

Comments/replies: 5


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