Advanced Weaves, archers extention pt.2 weave turn and fountian

Poi - archers extention pt.2 weave turn and fountian

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  Published on 27 Oct, 2009

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Post27th Oct 2009 9:11 AM 

nice bong hit in the back ground hahaha
as well as nice fountain looks crazy

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Post30th Oct 2009 2:08 PM 

I'm glad you enjoyed the video, have fun with these.

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Post25th Dec 2010 4:54 AM 

this is really cool, i've been dying to get fountains down since i started playing Poi two years ago. i'ma keep watching this til i get it, wish someone held the camera up so i could see your wrist positions when overhead. the part i have most trouble with is keeping them spinning in close proximity. not sure how to move without them tangling or hitting each other.
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Post24th Aug 2012 8:16 AM 

lol, great video, love that someone is taking a hit of the bong while watching haha.

Comments/replies: 4


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