63mm 2.5inch Beginner Juggling Ball Set with Carry Bag

63mm 2.5inch Beginner Juggling Ball Set with Carry Bag

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A beginner set of 3 brightly coloured juggling balls.
A good size and weight for your first juggling set.
Great price too.

  • 3 colours for showing off tricks.
  • Good solid weight and ball for accurate throws and they bounce too!!
  • Suitable for small hands age 8+


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About the 63mm 2.5inch Beginner Juggling Ball Set with Carry Bag
Comes with juggling ball carry pouch.
  • 70g / ball
  • 63mm 2.5inch diameter
  • Carry pouch, Can hold all three balls

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7th May, 2019
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"I was in need of juggling balls as part of an educational project. Home of Poi provided a product that met all the right criteria. The cost was reasonable, the service was excellent and the goods arrived within a reasonable time frame. I took the time to read the information on House of Poi and felt immediately attracted to a company that has an excellent performing arts promoting vision statement. This company is driven by all the right things ... supporting a creative cause and serving people in the process. Very impressive. An endangered species in our commercialised world; a breath of fresh air. Love it and would go back to them when I need to."
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