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All our products are tax and duty-free, and you may have to pay tax, duty, and clearance fees within your own country.

Generally, goods shipped by Courier or Air Mail with Tracking are more likely to incur tax, vat, etc.
The importer is ultimately responsible for paying any tax, duty, and clearance fee owed on an import.

How much tax, if any?

We can not tell you if you will pay tax, duty, and clearance fee as this is not up to us but the destination country's customs department.

Will this ever change?

Yes, we are registering to collect Taxes from the following Countries;
All European Countries
United Kingdom
New Zealand

We hope to have this in place very soon, so you know how much tax you will be charged; we will collect the Tax and send it to those registered countries. Preclearance of your goods through Customs will mean faster delivery.

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