I got charged the wrong amount on my Credit Card!

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I got charged the wrong amount on my Credit Card!

Please read all the following

Any small differences

Any slight difference you were charged will be due to the exchange rate changing from when your order was made until the time your order was set.

Exchange rates change all the time and are beyond our control. Sometimes they go up and sometimes down. It is a standard occurrence when you order from different countries as the exchange rate then has to be considered to give you the most accurate charge possible.

If the international exchange rate had changed the other way when your order was charged, it would have been slightly cheaper. We have the exchange rates automatically updated daily to give you, the customer, the most accurate charge that we possibly can. International exchange rates play a part in all transactions when ordering from outside your country.

Here is the link that we have on the website explaining how it works.

Larger differences

Please check the currency you chose to pay with against the currency you were charged. .
Sometimes people order in Great British Pounds but think it is USD.
Please check that you reading the correct amount on your bank statement. Sometimes they list New Zealand dollars NZD and not your currency. Use XE.com to convert the amount into your currency to check if it is correct.

If there is a slight difference, refer to the above.

Double charge

Very rarely will banks do a double charge. This can happen if the first charge is declined because of a network issue. Then another payment is tried again with success. Sometimes the banks will try the first charge again without advising us.

If you see a double charge on your statement, please contact us so we can advise the bank to process the charge of the duplication.

Extra charge

We have had several reports now about this kind of second charge. And we believe that some banks are adopting a new bill that adds a fee when an overseas purchase is made on a credit card even though the currency conversion charge is already built into the cost of the transaction, they are charging this extra fee.

In New Zealand, there was a big fuss recently about this practice as the banks did not disclose the fee and had to make full or partial refunds to people who had the fee to them! You may wish to discuss this matter with your bank to see if this is the situation with this charge.

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