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Final results

RED Ninja

Fans in parade
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Submitted on 2013-09-04 Views:2798
RED Ninja

Other prize winners as picked by HoP are:
1. Fire Fight
2. Sometimes even heroes fail
3. HoopGirrl and Loopy
No. 1
Angel Warrior Of Light
No. 2
Fire poi
No. 3
Fireman, ready to go
No. 4
Mask POI Rider
No. 5
Sister Sister Rockabilly Warriors
No. 6
Performance Arts in a super hero pose.
No. 7
fire fight
No. 8
No. 9
Defending the world view from below
No. 10
No. 11
Ring of Fire
No. 12
God of Hellfire
No. 13
No. 14
The God of Hellfire
No. 15
With our powers combined!
No. 16
Fire and Zen
No. 17
John Macmillan the Reaper Glow
No. 18
Fire Poi
No. 19
Ring of Fire!
No. 20
Bring it on
No. 21
ill glow your brains out alien circus scum
No. 22
green gentalmen
No. 23
River Dragon
No. 24
Mighty Fans
No. 25
HoopGirrl and Loopy
No. 26
give you hell
No. 27
Dusting off after battle
No. 28
flo-owl watchmen
No. 29
Led show
No. 30
Get level & smile
No. 31
circle of passion
No. 32
Spiral Wrap
No. 33
jedi flow
No. 34
At war and rescue
No. 35
Aenya Little Fire Defending the Gates!
No. 36
You spin me right round
No. 37
you can	 beat me
No. 38
the phoenix rises
No. 39
Faith in close friends
No. 40
Hear Me Roar
No. 41
No. 42
RED Ninja
No. 43
Fire Control
No. 44
Zoning In...
No. 45
Sometimes even heroes fail
No. 46
Heated Calm
No. 47
The Sword of Vengeance