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Like A Phoenix

In December, I had a subluxation of my shoulder. I kept this pic from fall close trying to get my range of motion and strength back in my right shoulder. This picture kept me fighting. It kept me doing all the exercises and all the stretches to get back up to full strength. I still dont have all my strength back, but my range of motion is nearly at 100%. Truly, fire dancing saved my shoulder. It saved me from taking even longer to get better if at all. It saved me from giving up. Hence the title, Like a Phoenix, I rose up and began again anew. Thank you fire for all the happiness it has brought me, the passion it instills in me, and the light in the darkest hours of my life.
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Like A Phoenix

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1. Steampunk pixie entered by Joanne Freyja
2. And the flame it keeps me alive entered by Brittanystewart63701
3. Memories in the flame entered by Azula.Murdra

No. 1
Steampunk pixie
No. 2
And the flame it keeps me alive
No. 3
Memories in the flame
No. 4
Dragon Gorl
No. 5
Hot Summer Night
No. 6
Hiding behind the eyes
No. 7
Candy Cane Hooper
No. 8
Fire fans
No. 9
MuseumNight FanFlow
No. 10
Veil Poi by Lori
No. 11
Like A Phoenix
No. 12
fire fans
No. 13
Under my Umbrella
No. 14
Ama Pyra wielding fire sword
No. 15
One with fire
No. 16
sunset voi
No. 17
Clubs on Bridge
No. 18
Naked falls
No. 19
Fire my Spirit
No. 20
Elbow club balance
No. 21
Fire contact staff
No. 22
breaking free
No. 23
Fire Umbrella
No. 24