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Shades of Nature

I chose this photo to represent me because I have always been someone who enjoys being around nature. Due to the global lockdowns, I have never felt further from it. Being in isolation has reminded me that life is always a cycle. As is nature and its season. This photo represent the cycle of nature, the changing of seasons and rebirth.
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Shades of Nature

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3. Shades of Nature entered by Malin Faisal

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Symbols of fire
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alab Poi dancers
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Rainbow Flower
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Behind the back
No. 6
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Before the birth
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Mighty rose
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Handstand with ball
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Celtic knott
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Flower power
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Lilly pads
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Shades of Nature
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Eva flow
No. 15
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Fire flower Big
No. 17
fire trails
No. 18
One LED Ball
No. 19
Psycho flower
No. 20
Pink 🌸
No. 21
Flower love
No. 22
Just a few petals