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Finding my flow

This was my second burn with these fans and the flames were huge and extremely HOT, just beginning to find my flow with them, watching how the flames moved, staggered from my movements, my face looks so serious as I was utterly mesmerized by the flames...
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Finding my flow

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1. Dragon Woman entered by spunyette
2. Born in flames entered by kittydevereux
3. Shrouded in Moonlight entered by Aaron Howorth

No. 1
Water & Fire
No. 2
birth fire
No. 3
Let the Sparks Fly
No. 4
Fire Wings
No. 5
Fall Fire
No. 6
Its defiantly hot
No. 7
Dragon Woman
No. 8
Close Shave.
No. 9
No. 10
Fire star devil
No. 11
Born in flames
No. 12
Trails of Transformation
No. 13
Flaming Dancer
No. 14
Vampyro on Fire
No. 15
Last breath
No. 16
Double Staff spin off :
No. 17
Shrouded in Moonlight
No. 18
Fire Meditation
No. 19
Doodle Fans
No. 20
Ring of fire
No. 21
ring of fire
No. 22
Coming out from behind the camera - Step 1.
No. 23
Fire in the jungle
No. 24
No. 25
Born in fire
No. 26
Out of the darkness, into the light <3
No. 27
Sunset on fire
No. 28
No. 29
Halloween fire fun
No. 30
Space to grow
No. 31
Day dreaming, night flowing
No. 32
First light
No. 33
Spirit of Australia
No. 34
warm circle
No. 35
Gandi man of fire
No. 36
Black and white buzzsaw
No. 37
Chch fire and flow
No. 38
The Last Night of Love
No. 39
No. 40
Its getting Hot In Here
No. 41
some like it hot
No. 42
Who wants to play?
No. 43
Ritual Fire Dance
No. 44
Hot headed
No. 45
Finding my flow
No. 46
No. 47
Wedding gift - fireshow