At devils castle uploaded by M8iN

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At devils castle

The 3. Spielpause @ Teufelsburg organisated by me
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At devils castle

As picked by HoP
1. Fire Rope Dart entered by Jon MāoRa-ri Pitman
2. Poi in the Alpes entered by Sandra_Rienow
3. At devils castle entered by M8iN

No. 1
Double high
No. 2
Up up and away
No. 3
At devils castle
No. 4
Michigan sand dunes
No. 5
Upside down fire hula hooping.
No. 6
Up in the clouds
No. 7
Follow your hoops and dreams
No. 8
Fire Rope Dart
No. 9
Rio on the River
No. 10
Trusting the Toss
No. 11
Poi in the Alpes
No. 12
Mountaintop Fire
No. 13
Up In the Air
No. 14
Elevating Empathy
No. 15
Fire dragonstaff on indo/balance board
No. 16
Sleeping giant cliff