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when the world is upside down

This one was taken while working in street light in Salama, Guatemala by a random person in the traffic and he turned out to be a photographer! He was really nice we talk for a while and we end up making a photo shoot in the middle of the street. I named the photo like that because of course the way the landscape shows behind the contact ball. Its a uv contact 95mm that I bought from you almost a year ago and I love it it has paid for irself haha... great props you guys awesome contest greetings from Guatemala!!
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when the world is upside down

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1. Rope Dart entered by Jon MāoRa-ri Pitman
2. Green Gorillas entered by Curtis_Husted
3. Megan Fan Fire entered by Donald W. Veale

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Dani Divine
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Fire and Ice
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Rocking staffs!
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Hypnotizing rose
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Fiery Cross
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Hoop spiral
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Megan Fan Fire
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Fairy Dust
No. 10
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Inside out
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Wedding POI
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Pyrofreak wants you
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Light in the Darkest Night
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fire flower
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there can be only one
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Rope Dart
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Jolly Jester Jack
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The Big One.
No. 22
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Pod Atom Poi
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Rings of Fire
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Hybrid in the mirror
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Flow with Flowers
No. 27
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Some like it hot!
No. 29
Future Forest
No. 30
Live by the Flame
No. 31
Green Gorillas
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First Poi
No. 33
Love my Podpoi
No. 34
Rick hawk
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Mirror Box Flow Pod Poi
No. 36
Fire Poi at Masked Ball by Naomi Lewis
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Backbend sunset
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Into the words
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Chase The Sun
No. 40
No. 41
Fire hole
No. 42
when the world is upside down
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Caught in the Vortex
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Beach zen
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My daughter and the fire
No. 46
No. 47
Pod Poi
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Devil Sticks
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DEC Spinner
No. 50
No. 51
in my lake
No. 52
Fire smile
No. 53
First time fire whipping!
No. 54
Ring of Fire