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This site is for you and all other poi, fire, staff and glowstick people who enjoy swinging, twirling and spinning.

To help you navigate around the site I have put at the top of each page links to the main and most popular pages. This site is really big (1Gb and 100,000+ pages), and still growing, so it will take quite a while to explore all the information here.

I wish you all the best in learning these arts grin

Kindest regards

Malcolm Crawshay
Malcolm Crawshay

How to navigate the site and find information

At the top of each page are the following buttons..

Home of Poi Logo - Takes you back to the main page.

Shop - We run the worlds largest specialist swinging, twirling and supplies shop. We sell only approved products from manufacturers that meet our high standards of quality and service. Sourced from USA, UK, France, Australia, Spain and New Zealand.

Learn - This is where you will find lessons on how to swing your poi, glowsticks or fire. Also lessons on Staff twirling and safety information on the use of fire.

Help - A very important section. This is a list of answers to frequently asked questions. Includes glossary of terms used. Refer to these pages to find answers fast.

Community - This is a place to talk to others like yourself. There are a number of forums available. exclPlease take note of the rules for the discussion group pages and be aware of internet safety from using these forums. Also links to members picture galleries, and videos.

Contact - Information about us and how to get in contact.